Lots of companies and brands need help in fine-tuning their websites and applications so that they are 100% user friendly - and that’s where IntelliZoom can help them out, with your assistance. IntelliZoom is the participant community of UserZoom, a user experience research agency which helps brands improve their products and create a seamless customer journey through their sites. You can earn money working for IntelliZoom, testing websites and apps for brands like Facebook and GAP from the comfort of your own home. Not only will you be earning, you will be improving the websites and products of the brands you use on a regular basis. So, how does it work? After completing a couple of very short sample studies (for which you won’t get paid) IntelliZoom will then email you when they have new (paid) studies which match a user like you. They take various factors - such as age, location, the sorts of products you like etc - into consideration so that they can match the best users to the products and websites of UserZoom’s client’s. You can use your computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet, along with a good wifi connection, to record yourself while you browse websites and talk about your experience - and UserZoom’s customers can then use your valuable opinions and feedback to fine-tune and improve their websites and apps, helping them convert more sales. Your equipment and wifi connection will be tested by IntelliZoom during the sample stage to make sure that it qualifies for their studies. The whole sample & approval process usually only takes a few days How much you earn depends on the complexity of the study that you are matched with. But, for a typical 10 to 20 minute study where you record your thoughts and experiences out loud with both audio and video, you can expect to earn around £8. Once your results are approved (again, usually within a few days) you can expect payment via Paypal within four weeks. If you are 18 or over and fancy converting your opinions into cash while working from home then sign up with IntelliZoom via the job application below now.

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