Hospitality Jobs

9 Part Time Hospitality Job Ideas And Why You Should Consider Them

Have you ever considered a part time job working in the UK’s hospitality sector? Almost 10% of the UK population works in the hospitality sector (around 4.5 million people) and it is the UK’s 4th largest industry. Even if you listen to or read the news only occasionally, you will be aware that the hospitality […]


Working Part Time – Do You Know About Part Time Employee Legislation?

As the phrase goes; ‘Knowledge is power.’ Did you know that, as a part time worker, you have certain rights? Knowing these rights for part time workers and what you are entitled to as part of your role means you can make sure you are getting treated fairly in the workplace. What Is The Definition […]

Cover Letter

How To Write Cover Letters For A Part Time Job – Tips For Mums & Dads Returning to Work

You’ve taken a few years out to be at home raising your young family and now the time has come where you have decided you need a fresh challenge – somewhere where you can wear a different head to that of being a parent. You’ve considered your childcare options and you also want a pay […]

2019 Roundup

The World Of Part Time Jobs – A Year In Review

It’s not just a year that has come to an end. We are, of course, at the end of another decade. Over the last year, however, we have looked at various issues, tips and ideas around the world of part time jobs. If you read this blog a lot, it could be because you are […]

Volunteering Benefits

Ever Considered Volunteering? 16 Real Benefits Of Being A Volunteer

Have you ever thought about doing some volunteering? If you have answered no to that question, then this article might just make you consider it. If you have thought about doing some volunteering but have just not go around to it, then this article might just have you out there looking for your perfect volunteering […]

Career Change Steps

How To Change Career Successfully – Steps To Make It Happen For You

Are you unhappy at work? Lots of people who are unhappy at work either just keep going through the motions and getting through their shift in the best way possible. Other people choose to change their workplace, essentially still doing the same job as before but in a new, fresh environment. And then there are […]

Toxic Workplace

How To Identify The Clues Of A Toxic Workplace And What You Can Do About It

Are you working in a toxic workplace? Have you ever thought about the fact that you might be working in a toxic workplace, for that matter? No, we’re not talking about poisonous chemicals, here. We mean the environment you are working in that is created by the people you are working with. There are many […]

Foodie Jobs

13 Top Part Time Job Ideas For Foodies

Are you known amongst your friends as the one who has a food obsession? If you’re a foodie, you know that eating is not just that thing you need to do to survive. No. You relish every morsel that passes your lips. You get excited about different ingredients and count the days until the next […]

Laptop Worker

Thinking Of Changing Your Part Time Job? Make Sure You Consider These Pros and Cons First

Are you thinking about making the move and changing your current part time job? If so, then no doubt you will have your own personal reasons for wanting to bite the bullet and make a fresh start elsewhere. There are lots of reasons why people decide to leave their current part time jobs for a […]

Annoying Boss

How to Deal With Your Annoying Boss In A Part Time Job

You’ve just landed yourself that new part time job and you were raring to go. However, you soon realise that not everything is going to plan – that’s because you are finding your boss is really annoying! Well, the good news is, you are not alone. Many people apply for jobs at great companies and […]

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