Hate Your Part Time Job?

Do You Hate Your Part Time Job? Here’s What To Do About It…

What to do when you hate your job; because, let’s face it, things are not always rosy in the workplace. For some, there comes a time when the smiles stop and you dread going to work for whatever reason. Reasons people can start to hate their job are many… You might be struggling to get […]

Jobs For Shy People

15 Fantastic Part Time Job Ideas For Introverts

Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? Have you even thought about it, for that matter? If you are introverted and you are looking for part time work, there are jobs out there that will suit you more than others; not just because of your qualifications and experience but also because of […]

Lazy Jobs

10 Best Part Time Job Ideas For Lazy People

Do you consider yourself a bit of a lazy bones? Or maybe friends and family tell you you’re lazy and you need to go out there and do something! Hey, you might even be proud of the fact that people call you lazy – because it’s not that you’re lazy. You just need to be […]

Animal Lover Jobs

8 Part Time Job Ideas For Animal Lovers

Part time jobs should be more than just earning a bit of extra cash. They should even be more than a stepping stone to introducing yourself back into the workplace if you have taken a career break to start a family or for other reasons. Of course, these are two very important reasons for wanting […]

Part Time Ski Instructor Jobs

A Guide To Part Time & Seasonal Ski And Snowboard Instructor Jobs In The UK

Introduction To Part Time Or Seasonal Snowboard And Ski Instructor Jobs Are you a naturally active or sporty person who loves the idea of finding a part time job that won’t see you tied to a desk and a laptop for much of the time? If so, we have given you lots of ideas in […]

Interview Questions Don't Answer

Part Time Job Interviews – The Questions You Don’t Need To Answer

So you have seen an ad for a part time job vacancy and it really looks the part. You check all the specifications and you think you might be in with a chance of getting this job if you apply for it. Your experience is there, the qualifications are there, it’s close to where you […]

Language Jobs

Bilingual Or Multilingual? Are You Leveraging This Skill To Land Part Time Jobs?

Did you know that well over 300 languages are spoken in the United Kingdom? If you are looking for a part time job and you are someone with a second (or even more) language, have you considered making use of this skill to boost your chances of getting a position? Or perhaps you are interested […]

Things Not To Say In Job Interviews

Applying For Part Time Jobs? Here Are 23 Things To Never Say In Interview

When you are applying for part time jobs, part of the recruitment process will almost always involve an interview. Whilst this is exciting – you have reached that stage of the process so the company must be impressed with what they have seen in your application and your CV – an interview can also be […]

childcare costs

A Guide To Childcare Costs And Entitlements For Parents Working Part Time

Being a mum and making the decision to go back to work, even on a part time basis, can seem like a daunting task. You have spent months – perhaps even years – looking after your young family and now it’s time for you to head out to the workplace again because you feel ready […]


Childcare Options For Parents With Part Time Jobs

When you start a family, the time comes when you might be thinking about going back to work and, for many mums, the choice is often to work on a part time basis. Even if you are doing part time jobs, with a young family, you obviously need to make childcare provisions and, for many […]

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