2021 In Review

Goodbye, 2021 – Hello, 2022

We’re saying goodbye to 2021 on the UK Part Time Jobs Advice blog. A new year always brings with it some fresh optimism and we’re sure many of you are hoping for a smoother ride through 2022 than we’ve had in 2021. Obviously, 2022 isn’t going to start out perhaps as we’d hoped with regards […]

Gardening Jobs Mental Health

The Mental Health Benefits Of Gardening Jobs

During the pandemic lockdowns, the ‘stay home’ mantra meant that many of us were forced to spend more time indoors and many of us were furloughed; no longer able to go into the workplace. This resulted in a forced lifestyle change for many and for those lucky enough to have any outside space, getting outdoors, […]

Work From Home

How To Remain Productive When Working From Home

If you are a parent with young children or you have other commitments that mean you need a part time job that gives you the opportunity to work from home then there are an increasing number of options out there. Indeed, working from home is not just for those of you with families or others […]

Work From Home With Kids

How To Boss Working From Home With Kids

When you are working part time and you have children, working from home can seem like the ideal solution. You get to spend time with the kids and you get to earn a living at the same time. A win win situation. For some of you, you might have chosen part time work from home […]

part time seasonal jobs

Top Part Time Seasonal Job Ideas

In a previous article, we looked at the pros and cons of doing seasonal work. From earning extra cash and getting valuable experience of the workplace to maybe having to work long hours and not getting the same benefits as the permanent staff working for the same company as yourself. If, for your particular situation, […]

Seasonal Jobs

Working In Seasonal Jobs – Have You Considered The Pros & Cons?

Part time work comes in all shapes and sizes and if you don’t want to work regular hours on a permanent basis then you might want to consider taking on seasonal jobs. There are lots of types of seasonal jobs out there, some of which you might not even have considered. And the great thing […]

Hospitality Jobs

9 Part Time Hospitality Job Ideas And Why You Should Consider Them

Have you ever considered a part time job working in the UK’s hospitality sector? Almost 10% of the UK population works in the hospitality sector (around 4.5 million people) and it is the UK’s 4th largest industry. Even if you listen to or read the news only occasionally, you will be aware that the hospitality […]


Working Part Time – Do You Know About Part Time Employee Legislation?

As the phrase goes; ‘Knowledge is power.’ Did you know that, as a part time worker, you have certain rights? Knowing these rights for part time workers and what you are entitled to as part of your role means you can make sure you are getting treated fairly in the workplace. What Is The Definition […]

Cover Letter

How To Write Cover Letters For A Part Time Job – Tips For Mums & Dads Returning to Work

You’ve taken a few years out to be at home raising your young family and now the time has come where you have decided you need a fresh challenge – somewhere where you can wear a different head to that of being a parent. You’ve considered your childcare options and you also want a pay […]

2019 Roundup

The World Of Part Time Jobs – A Year In Review

It’s not just a year that has come to an end. We are, of course, at the end of another decade. Over the last year, however, we have looked at various issues, tips and ideas around the world of part time jobs. If you read this blog a lot, it could be because you are […]

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