Part Time Jobs For Overseas Visitors

How to Succeed At Work – Good Work Habits For Success In Your Part Time Job

Are you looking for ways to be successful in your part time job? A drive to succeed is not just reserved for those people in full time careers. People work part time for many different reasons and you can still succeed in your job, taking it in the best direction for you by working flexible, […]


How To Survive Redundancy And Take The Advantage

Many of us have been there. That time at work when the HR team or your boss informs you that your services are no longer required at their workplace. You are being made redundant! You might have been waiting for that moment. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you might have been waiting for […]

Part Time Jobs Pay Rate

Salary Negotiation Tips – How To Negotiate Your Salary In Your Part Time Job

There aren’t many of us out there who would refuse a pay rise at work if we were offered one, right? That day where your boss just tells you they like the work you do or they want to promote you and you will be paid more money as a result. In an ideal world, […]

Laptop Worker

9 Popular Remote Part Time Job Ideas For People In Tech

What are your reasons for wanting to work part time? For some people, it’s a necessity. They need to work part time because of other commitments. You might need to work part time because you are a parent who needs to be around for small children or for when the kids get home from school. […]

Lazy Coworker

How To Deal With Lazy Coworkers In Your Part Time Job

Have you ever come across lazy coworkers in your part time job? If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well, right? That could well be your motto for your part time job. You like to keep busy. And if there isn’t much to do on any particular day, rather than sit there twiddling […]

Procrastination At Work

How To Overcome Procrastination In Your Part Time Job

Procrastination in the workplace. We’ve all done it at some time or another. You might even be a prolific procrastinator. But if, in your part time job, procrastination happens too often, it can become a problem for both yourself and your workmates. Procrastination is all about putting off tasks in favour of carrying out another […]

Writing Jobs

12 Great Part Time Job Ideas For Wordsmiths

There are lots of people out there who think they have a way with words. Perhaps you are one of those people? At school, your teachers always enjoyed your creative writing skills, praised you on your spelling and your correct use of grammar. Or perhaps your presentation skills were often praised in other subjects; your […]

Bad Habits

Bad Habits That Can Make You Look Unprofessional At Work

Finding a part time job can be easy enough and landing that part time job by going through the application and interview process can be a bit stressful and a nerve-racking experience. We have lots of tips for you for getting yourself through that situation so that you can bag the job and start work. […]

Hate Your Part Time Job?

Do You Hate Your Part Time Job? Here’s What To Do About It…

What to do when you hate your job; because, let’s face it, things are not always rosy in the workplace. For some, there comes a time when the smiles stop and you dread going to work for whatever reason. Reasons people can start to hate their job are many… You might be struggling to get […]

Jobs For Shy People

15 Fantastic Part Time Job Ideas For Introverts

Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? Have you even thought about it, for that matter? If you are introverted and you are looking for part time work, there are jobs out there that will suit you more than others; not just because of your qualifications and experience but also because of […]

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