2024 is underway and for the new year, many of you might be looking for a fresh start and a new part time job.

There are lots of benefits to working part time. If you are looking for a change of direction, you might be thinking about what the best jobs are to go for. Where are your skills in the most demand?

Looking at part time jobs that are going to be in demand can give you the best chance of getting that new change of direction and it can also give you some ideas of fields where you might want to retrain. 

After all, if you put the effort in to retrain in a particular field, you will want to be rewarded with work at the end of it. 

And the good news is, there is no need to feel like it’s too late to retrain or change direction with your career if you are no longer feeling like the youngest person out there looking for part time work.

A lot of people who are over 50 are now out there in the job market and finding work as employers see the value in employing older people with life experience and various professional and other skills. 

Part Time Jobs That Will Be In Demand In 2024

So, let’s take a look at some of the fields out there that are going to be in demand in 2024. Perhaps you can find your ideal part time job. 

Health Services & Residential Care Work

Residential care workers play a pivotal role in providing support and assistance to people of all ages who may require care due to physical, mental or emotional challenges. 

Care worker duties can encompass a wide range of tasks including personal care such as:

  • bathing
  • dressing
  • grooming
  • feeding
  • administering medication
  • providing emotional support. 

Additionally, they often facilitate recreational activities, assist with meal preparation and ensure the safety and well-being of residents.

Beyond the practical aspects of the job, the rewards of being a residential care worker are many. One of the most fulfilling aspects is the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, fostering independence, dignity and a sense of belonging among residents. 

Building trusting relationships with residents and their families can also be deeply rewarding as it allows for the creation of supportive environments. 

As a careworker, you will also be able to witness, first hand, the progress and growth of those under your care. This can be immensely gratifying, reinforcing the value of your work. 

Care work is not without its challenges and the pay for some types of job in the care sector might not be amongst the highest paid jobs out there but, for the right people, the rewards of the job outweigh the financial side. 

Graphic Designer

If you are a creative person, you might want to consider going into graphic design.

Graphic designers are tasked with creating visual concepts that communicate ideas, inform or captivate consumers. Their duties encompass a wide array of tasks, including:

  • Designing logos, brochures, websites, advertisements and other marketing materials.
  • They collaborate closely with clients or art directors to understand project requirements, conceptualise designs and refine them to meet the desired objectives. 
  • They use various design software and tools to bring these concepts to life, incorporating typography, colour, imagery and layout to produce compelling visual solutions.

Graphic designers are in high demand in 2024 for various reasons. In today’s digital age, visual communication has become increasingly vital for businesses and organisations to effectively convey their messages and differentiate themselves in crowded markets. 

As such, there is a constant need for skilled graphic designers who can create engaging and memorable designs that resonate with target audiences.And you could be the person to do this type of part time work.

Additionally, the proliferation of digital platforms and the rise of online marketing have expanded the avenues through which companies can reach consumers, further driving the demand for graphic design services. 

The continuous evolution of design trends and technologies necessitates the expertise of graphic designers who can adapt and innovate to stay relevant in a competitive landscape. 

The versatility and impact of graphic design make it a sought-after profession across various industries. And, for those of you looking for the type of part time work that lends itself well to working from home, graphic design could be the ideal field to become involved in. 

Programmers & Software Developers

Consider yourself to be savvy in the world of IT? 

The main duties of programmers and software developers involve writing, testing, debugging, and maintaining code to ensure that software functions properly and meets the needs of users or clients. 

Listening skills are also an essential part of this role because you will need to collaborate closely with other members of the development team, such as project managers, designers and quality assurance testers to conceptualise and implement software solutions that address specific requirements or solve problems for your clients.

The demand for computer programmers and software developers in 2024 is driven by several factors. 

The increasing reliance on technology in virtually every aspect of modern life has led to a growing need for software solutions across various industries from healthcare and finance to manufacturing and entertainment. 

The rapid pace of technological innovation and digital transformation has created opportunities for new software development projects and initiatives. 

And let’s not forget the rise of mobile computing, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. This has expanded the scope and complexity of software development and specialised skills and expertise are in high demand. 

Again, there are many programmers and software developers out there who work remotely so if you are looking for part time work that means you don’t necessarily need to be in an office or other place of work all day, this could be the ideal type of career for you.

Digital Marketing

Most of us spend a good chunk of the day online, these days, and will have experienced digital marketing in its various forms. 

Someone in digital marketing is responsible for leveraging online channels and strategies to promote products, services, or brands and connect with target audiences. Their duties encompass a broad range of tasks aimed at increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, generating leads, and ultimately, converting prospects into customers. 

Key responsibilities include developing and implementing digital marketing campaigns across various platforms such as search engines, social media, email, and display advertising. 

This involves creating compelling content, designing engaging visuals and optimising campaigns to maximise reach and effectiveness.

As well as being creative, digital marketers also conduct market research and analysis to identify trends, consumer behaviour and competitor strategies so that they can refine targeting and messaging strategies. 

Digital marketers monitor website traffic, conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI) to evaluate the success of campaigns and make data-driven decisions for optimisation. 

Depending on the company you are working for and the seniority of your position you may also be responsible for budget management and coordinating with internal teams or external agencies. 

Sales Assistant

If you are looking for entry level roles and you love to interact with the general public then the part time role of sales assistant might suit you.

Sales assistants work in a whole host of retail environments from fashiın stores to supermarkets to small independent businesses. 

Their responsibilities include assisting customers with inquiries, providing product information and offering recommendations to help customers decide what to purchase to best suit their wants and needs. 

Sales assistants also handle transactions, process payments and manage inventory to maintain stock levels and presentation standards. They also contribute to creating a positive shopping experience by providing exceptional customer service and resolving any issues or concerns promptly.

Sales assistants are always in demand because businesses rely on knowledgeable and personable sales assistants to engage customers, build rapport and ultimately increase sales revenue. Your personality, as well as your skills, will be key to this role. 

Salon Assistant

Is hair and beauty a passion of yours? In 2024, salon assistants are in demand so now could be a good time to indulge that passion by applying for part time jobs in this area. 

Salon assistants are essential members of the salon team, responsible for various tasks that contribute to the smooth operation of the establishment. 

Their responsibilities often include greeting and welcoming clients, scheduling appointments and managing the salon’s front desk. Naturally, this means you will need to be confident and friendly when dealing with clients. Often, you will serve as the first point of contact for clients, playing a vital role in creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere that encourages repeat business and referrals.

As a salon assistant, you can develop your skills by assisting stylists and technicians by preparing workstations, shampooing hair and providing support during treatments. There are various Apprenticeships and training courses you can do to gain recognised qualifications.

Salon assistants also maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards throughout the salon, sterilising equipment and organising supplies.

As the beauty and wellness industry continues to grow, salons are experiencing increased demand for services, leading to a greater need for skilled and reliable assistants to support stylists and accommodate client needs. 

Delivery Driver

2024 delivery driver jobs are going to be in demand because there are so many types of part time delivery jobs out there for those of you who love to be behind the wheel.

For some delivery driver jobs, you will be driving a company vehicle whereas for others, you will need your own set of wheels to deliver the goods. 

Delivery drivers play a pivotal role in ensuring goods are transported safely and efficiently from businesses to customers’ doorsteps. Your responsibilities include loading and unloading merchandise, navigating delivery routes and adhering to delivery schedules.

Delivery drivers also maintain accurate records of deliveries, collect payments if required and provide exceptional customer service by handling enquiries or concerns.

Delivery drivers are in high demand in 2024 because of the rise of, in part, online shopping, resulting in a greater need for delivery services to fulfil orders. 

Also, the convenience and efficiency of doorstep delivery has become increasingly important to consumers. This has driven demand for fast and reliable delivery of various goods from food to clothing to heavy goods.

Warehouse Jobs

Whether you are looking for part time entry level roles or logistics jobs in supervisory and management roles, there is often demand for staff to work in warehouses and this will still be the case throughout 2024. 

Warehouse operatives are in high demand due to their critical role in the logistics and supply chain industry. Operatives are responsible for a range of tasks essential to the smooth operation of warehouses, including receiving and storing goods, picking and packing orders and organising inventory. 

With the increasing popularity of e-commerce and the globalisation of supply chains, the demand for efficient warehouse operations has surged. The recent pandemic has also accelerated the shift towards online shopping, leading to a greater need for warehouses and distribution centres to handle the increased volume of orders. 

Warehouse jobs can be high pressure when there are strict targets to be met but they will suit someone who is fit and healthy and who is able to work various shifts.

Applying For Part Time Jobs In 2024

These are just some of the roles where your skills and expertise will be in demand in 2024 – and are areas where you could consider retraining.

Supermarkets, charities and hospitals are the three biggest UK employers and there is a whole host of jobs from entry level to professional roles within these areas.

If you are looking for part time work at the moment, take a look to see if there are available roles in your area.