When thinking about a career change or a change in direction from the type of work you are currently doing, it can be a good start to think about where your interests and passions lie. 

Afterall, going out to work for however many hours per week shouldn’t be a chore. Enjoying your job and getting reward from it both financially and mentally should be paramount.

So, with that in mind, this article is for those of you who love to be behind the wheel. And that could be for any type of vehicle. From cars to vans, lorries, you name it. 

If you love to be behind the wheel, why not make your next part time job a driving job? 

There are so many types of driving jobs out there to suit different skills and personalities – you might be surprised at just how many options there are. 

That perfect driving job to suit you could be out there. Whether you like the idea of driving fast or you like the idea of meeting other people through driving jobs or you like the idea of having a bit of you time and solitary with part time driving jobs, there could be something for you.

For some driving jobs, you will need specific training and/or a particular licence that qualifies you to drive relevant vehicles legally. 

Other types of part time driving jobs will require you to go through a DBS (Disclosure And Barring Service) check to make sure you are eligible to work with children or vulnerable people. There is a small fee for this which may be paid by you or your potential employer. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top part time driving job ideas. Which would you choose?

Top Part Time Driving Job Ideas

Part Time Courier Jobs

Part time driving jobs as a courier come in all shapes and sizes. You might be transporting goods or paperwork within city boundaries or you could be working nationally, depending on the company you are working for.

Couriers often need to deliver their goods within a specified timeframe that the customer has paid for. Rather than using a postal service which will guarantee delivery within a given number of days, for example, a courier will deliver the goods by a set time on a particular day. 

Some courier services offer bespoke services for their customers so you will need to be able to respond to these requirements.

For some courier jobs, you might need your own vehicle but other companies will provide the vehicle.

Courier drivers need to know their routes and be able to respond to traffic conditions, delivering goods safely and on time. 

So, if you like the challenge of working under time pressure, part time courier jobs might suit you. 

Part Time Delivery Driver Jobs

As with couriers, delivery driver jobs come in all shapes and sizes and you could be driving anything from a car to a van to a lorry. Some deliver drivers also ride motorbikes and mopeds, depending on what you are delivering.

If you are looking to work flexible hours, delivery driver jobs could be perfect for you.

As well as your earnings, if you are doing your job well, you are going to be making the recipient’s day. They might be really excited about receiving what you are delivering. Service with a smile and you could also earn some good tips on top of your wages. 

Again, depending on the company you are working for, you might need to have your own vehicles whilst other roles will provide the vehicle.

Delivery drivers work different hours, including evenings and weekends. Also bear in mind that you might need to climb flights of stairs to deliver goods to apartments in high rise blocks, for example. 

A level of fitness is required. 

Part Time Taxi Driver Jobs

If you like to meet lots of dşfferent people from all walks of life, then part time taxi driver jobs could be perfect for you.

Taxi drivers work for companies or they work for themselves. 

People use taxis for all types of reasons but, more often than not, those people will be grateful for your service. 

You might be taking people to the airport to go on holiday or they might have called you because they missed a bus and need to get to somewhere quickly. You could be the person to get them to their destination.

Sometimes, companies and organisations use taxis to take their staff to and from the workplace so these contracts could give you a regular pick up.

Taxi drivers work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends. 

Part Time Chauffeur Jobs

How about a part time driving job that’s a bit more upmarket? A driving job where you will likely be wearing a smart suit or uniform and the car you are driving will be high end and in pristine condition?

Working as a chauffeur will include this and more. 

When you do chauffeur jobs, as well as being an excellent driver, you will also need to be able to deal with clients in a professional manner and help them to load and unload any goods they have with them.

You will also need to stock and furnish the car with whatever the client requires whilst they are on their journey with you.

Chauffeurs can work exclusively for private clients or they can work for companies. If you work for a company, you could be chauffeuring clients to business meetings or hotels, you might be taking a bride to her wedding or you could also be driving small groups of people to parties and special occasions.

As well as excellent driving skills and people skills, you will also need to have a smart, neat appearance whilst you are doing your job.

As well as your earnings as a chauffeur, you could also get yourself some generous tips, too, depending on the clients you are driving around.

Hearse Driver

A driver of a hearse is a different type of chauffeur and comes with lots of responsibility. Hearse drivers are responsible for transporting a deceased person to the funeral service and final resting place.

The vehicles are specialised vehicles. 

Hearse drivers will follow funeral procession protocols and will also sometimes drive immediate family members in the car behind the hearse. 

Whilst hearses must be driven slowly when part of a funeral procession, they are the same as other cars and can reach high speeds. 

Valet Driver Jobs

Think you can handle the responsibility of driving someone else’s car? Valet drivers meet and greet guests at hotels and other buildings, take their car keys and drive their car to a safe parking space. At the end of the guest’s stay, you will meet them at the door with their car.

If you have excellent customer service skills and can build up a bit of a rapport in a short space of time, valet driver jobs can also reward you with some generous tips as well as your wage. 

Bus Driver Jobs

If you want the type of driving job where you are seeing different people each day, then bus driver jobs might suit you perfectly. 

Following local routes, you will transport people of all ages to different destinations, checking their passes and tickets as they board.

Bus drivers need to keep an eye out for any maintenance issues with the bus they are driving and report these.

Sometimes, bus drivers might need to help people on and off the bus if they are struggling. There might also be occasions where you will need to deal with antisocial behaviour. 

As well as dealing with passengers, part time bus driver jobs can give you the opportunity to be part of a team and make new friends amongst your fellow bus drivers. 

Tourist Vehicle Driver

Whether it’s a people carrier, a minibus or a coach, driving tourists around a city or an area can be reality rewarding.

Tourists want to enjoy themselves so you will need to be open and friendly with your passengers whilst also ensuring their journey is safe. 

Tourist vehicle drivers often do city trips or coastal trips that are either private or public. You might also be driving a tourşst road train where tourists are towed in a train of carriages along the roadside and can take advantage of a ‘hop on hop off’ service. 

Lorry Driver Jobs

Lorry driver jobs can either be relatively local or you could be driving goods all over the UK. Some lorry driving jobs can even take you abroad, transporting goods internationally. 

You will need to do an HGV trainişng course to get your lorry driver’s licence. These can be done in a few days and then you can start to earn a good salary, depending on the journeys you are making. 

As well as driving different distances, lorry drivers also need to know how to load and unload their cargo safely. As there is lifting and carrying involved, lorry drivers need to have a certain degree of fitness.

Part Time Removal Driver Jobs

If HGV lorry driving seems a bit too much but you would like to drive smaller vans and lorries, working as a removal driver might be just what you are looking for.

Although you could be driving long distances on occasion (some clients might be moving to a completely new area of the country), a lot of removals could be local. Your clients might be moving house just to a new street in the area. Or a small business might be relocating and your services are needed to move all the office equipment to new premises. 

As well as driving the removal van or lorry, removal drivers also have other responsibilities. You will usually work with a partner to dismantle and carry specific bits of furniture from the premises to the van and then they will need to be stored safely so that they aren’t damaged in transit. 

Good will also need to be packaged and labelled. 

Communication skills are essential so that you can liaise with your client and pack all the correct furniture into the van or lorry.

Lots of the furniture you will need to carry will be heavy so, as with some other part time driving job idea, you will need to be physically fit as well as having good driving skills.

Recovery Driver

Do you want to do the type of driving job where you are going to be someone’s knight in shining armour and they are really pleased to see you?

Recovery drivers are those people who show up to rescue you and your vehicle when you have broken down on the motorway or other roads.

Being a recovery driver means you will have to learn skills such as customer service where you will need to communicate with the client to ascertain what the problem is. Some people who break down can be upset or stressed so you will be the person to initially calm them down.

You will need to do training to learn the necessary skills for operating recovery vehicles. 

Some scenes might be distressing as recovery drivers also attend the scene of crashes to remove vehicles involved from the carriageway.

Driving Instructor Jobs

If you do have a passion for driving, why not pass that passion on to others and encourage them by teaching them how to drive.

Driving instructors work for companies or they work for themselves. If you need a job where you can work flexible hours and choose the hours you work, being a driving instructor could be the perfect option.

Driving instructor jobs could see you working some evenings and weekends as many of your clients will be unavailable during office hours on weekdays. 

As well as driving skills, driving instructors also need to have a thorough knowledge of the Highway Code and other road rules. 

As an instructor, you will need to be able to communicate with your clients and plan a series of lessons to get them to the level of their driving test. Not everyone learns at the same pace and some clients could be very nervous before they begin so you will need to be able to differentiate your lessons accordingly. 

Airport Driver Jobs

We have written in the past about the types of jobs you can do in an airport. If you are someone who loves to drive and you love the buzz of the airport, there are various roles you could do.

How about driving the apron buses that ferry people backwards and forwards from the terminal to and from the plane.

Or you might be part of the baggage handling crew and drive the vehicles that take luggage to and from the aircraft. 

Airports also need emergency vehicle drivers to drive vehicles such as specially designed fire engines.

And we’ve mentioned valet drivers above. If you live closer to a passenger airport, being a valet driver means you could be driving passengers’ cars from drop off to secure car parks whilst the passenger is away. When they return, you meet them with their car.

Some valet drivers in airports work for the airport hotels. 

Forklift Truck Driver Jobs

Forklift truck drivers work in different environments, depending on the types of goods the company is dealing wirth. 

Part time forklift truck driver jobs could see you working in warehouses, distribution centres, storage facilities and factories. As such, you might be required to work shifts, including night shifts and weekend work. 

Some forklift truck driver jobs will see you working in spaces that have controlled conditions such as refrigerated spaces to keep foodstuffs cold. You should be provided with specialist clothing and equipment for environments like this.  

Train Driver Jobs

Not so much being behind the wheel as being behind the controls when it comes to driving trains and trams. 

Whether you are carrying passengers or freight, train drivers work a variety of hours, including evenings and weekends. 

As well as driving the train, train drivers need to communicate with other rail staff so that they know of any issues that might be upcoming. You might also need to make passenger announcements, occasionally. 

Train drivers can operate local trains or work on different long distance routes that cover the whole UK. You could also work on underground routes.

Part Time Volunteer Driver

We have written in the past about the benefits of volunteer work. If you just want to get out there and meet people and make a positive difference to people’s lives then being a volunteer driver could be perfect for you. 

Volunteer drivers can work in all types of environments and drive cars, buggies, vans and minibuses. 

You might be transporting people with mobility problems, for example. This could be for a tourist attraction or it might be taking people from their homes to social centres or health centres.

Other volunteer drivers might transport pets for veterinary treatment. Or you might be transporting goods between one place and another for a charitable organisation.

For some volunteer work, you can choose which hours to make yourself available. 

Are You Ready To Get Behind The Wheel?

Above are just a few ideas for the types of part time driving jobs you could do. There are, of course, many more out there. 

If you love to drive and you would like to do part time driving jobs or other types of part time work, take a look at what’s out there at the moment.