Are you looking for the type of part time job where no two days are the same? 

Where you aren’t working Monday to Friday office hours? Where, in some roles, you will be dealing with the general public on a daily basis? Where, on some shifts, you will be rushed off your feet and for others, there will be quiet periods? Where you will be playing a role in helping people from around the world travel to their next destination?

If you have a passion for travel and for an environment that is constantly changing, you might want to consider applying for part time airport ground crew jobs.

There are lots of different types of airport jobs that you could choose from to suit your strengths and interests. Whether you are looking for entry level work or the types of roles that require specialist skills or qualifications, there could be something to suit you. 

Part time entry level roles can also come with the opportunity to do further training if you like where you can gain some recognised qualifications to further develop your career. After that, you could go onto a fulltime career or, if you want to continuıe working part time hours, this might be possible, too. 

Who Would Be Suited To Part Time Airport Ground Crew Jobs?

So, what type of people would be suited to part time airport jobs? 

Obvioıusly, with the vast array of job types in an airport, whatever traits and strengths you have in your armoury, there could be something to suit you. 

There are, however, practicalities to consider when it comes to working in an airport. 

Transport / Location: Airport jobs are only viable if you can actually get to the airport easily. Whilst UK airports are numerous, not all of us live close enough to one to make it viable to travel there for every shift. 

Working Unsociable Hours: Airports are a 24 hour operation so many types of airport jobs will need you to work flexible shifts, including evenings and weekends. 

Airports are busier at times when most people want to travel for holidays. This means you will often be required to be at work when everyone else is jetting off to relax on holiday at whatever time of day or night.

The plus side to that is you get to take your time off when most other people are busy at work. Out of peak season, travel can be cheaper and places less crowded.

Working Outdoors: For some types of airport ground crew jobs, you will often be working outdoors. The Great British weather has a reputation – there will be times of cold, wet and windy weather as well as the bright sunny days. 

Confidence In Dealing With People: Most airports deal with passenger travel and see thousands of people passing through the airport each day. For many part time airport jobs, you will be dealing directly with those people. 

At times when the airport might not be running as smoothly as it should be for whatever reason, you will need to be able to deal with stressed or angry passengers whilst keeping calm and getting your job done. 

Of course, there will also be those hugely rewarding times, too, when you can feel a sense of achievement in being part of a team of people that helped to get passengers safely and smoothly through the airport. 

Why Consider Part Time Airport Ground Crew Jobs?

Part time airport jobs can be hugely rewarding and will suit those of you who would thrive, working in a constantly changing environment and who are looking to work various hours. 

Whether you are looking for entry level part time jobs or more specialised roles, there could be jobs in airports to suit you.

For many airport jobs, they are also worth considering because of the extra perks that come with the job on top of your pay. These include things such as discounted commutes, free airport parking and discounts in shops, duty free shopping, pension schemes and career development.

Following the pandemic, there are many roles that need to be filled so that the UK’s airports can run smoothly and efficiently. Now could be a perfect time to be looking for part time jobs at airports. 

Types Of Part Time Airport Ground Crew Jobs

So, let’s take a look at some of the roles out there that might be available at airports around the UK. You might be surprised at what’s on offer.

Airport Hospitality Jobs

Many jobs at airports are centred around hospitality but in this instance, let’s look at part time roles that fall under the umbrella of the hospitality trade. 

Again, with roles in this area, you can choose from part time entry level positions to roles that require skills or qualifications. 

  • Chef – Part time airport jobs, working as a chef would see you working in the kitchens of the airport lounges, feeding travellers a variety of meals and snacks before they get on their flight. Some of these meals will be high end, depending on the lounge. Whether you are looking to be a head chef or commis chef, there could be part time careers for you.
  • Kitchen Assistant – If you are interested in catering and love the buzz of the kitchen, you could start out doing airport jobs as a part time kitchen assistant. These roles are ideal for those of you looking for part time entry level jobs. 
  • Hospitality Host – Working front of house in the airport lounges, these types of airport jobs will see you dealing with guests of the lounges; preparing and serving drinks and making sure their time in the lounges or restaurants is a comfortable experience. Hospitality hosts also use IT systems to make bookings and to make sure stock is replenished. 

Airport Driver Jobs

If you like sitting behind the wheel, then why not consider airport jobs as a driver. Airports often take on part time staff in driver positions so this type of job could be perfect for you.

  • Meet & Greet Drivers – As you might guess from the title of this role, part time jobs as a meet and greet driver will see you dealing with customers who are leaving their vehicles in your care. Just one of your responsibilities will be to make sure vehicles are taken to the correct storage areas and are undamaged. 

Airport Security Jobs

Part time security jobs at airports will also require you to be a people person whilst also making sure passengers are safe and are not carrying any offending items or goods. 

Airport security officers are responsible for checking other airport and airline staff as well as passengers. Hold luggage and cabin luggage will also need to be checked. 

There are sometimes opportunities for seasonal work with airport security jobs. Airports are big places and security jobs will require lots of patrolling and also lots of standing so you need to be fit to do this role.

Airport Landscaper Jobs

We have written in the past about the mental health benefits of gardening jobs as well as the great satisfaction gardening jobs provide. 

Well, gardeners and landscapers are also required in airports, too. 

Airport landscaper jobs come with an additional challenge where, whatever landscaping you do around the airport will need to be in line with safety regulations.

Airport Information Assistant

If your strengths and / or experience lies in customer services and you like the idea of a customer services role that comes with various duties and shift patterns, then airport jobs as an information assistant could be perfect for you.

You will be the person that passengers come to for assistance such as directions to gates or other areas. You will need a good knowledge of the airport and the flights leaving from it, including delays and cancellations. And this means you will also be dealing with customer complaints. 

This is definitely the role for you if you are a people person and you enjoy helping to make their journey a smoother experience. 

Supervisory and Management positions are also available in airports for this role.

Airport Baggage Handler

If you have travelled by air for a holiday or for other reasons and you’ve looked at your suitcase, wondering how much more you can possibly stuff into it before you exceed your luggage weight limit, spare a thought for the baggage handlers at the airport who need to ferry your bag from the airport building to the plane and from the plane to the carousel. 

Part time airport baggage handler jobs are ideal for those of you looking for entry level jobs and who want to work as part of a hardworking team.

You will need to be strong and physically fit to do this job as there is obviously lots of lifting of heavy objects involved. 

As you know, the sun doesn’t always shine in the UK. You will be working in all types of weather conditions. In snowy and icy conditions, baggage handlers often help with clearing snow and ice away from outdoor areas. Perfect if you are looking for part time outdoor jobs, however! 

And sometimes, you will also be working in cargo storage warehouses at the airport. Here you will learn the skills needed for warehouse work.

Baggage handlers are not only responsible for suitcases and other types of baggage. They are also responsible for dealing with fragile objects and other goods that people need to transport. 

As well as loading and unloading baggage and cargo, baggage handlers are also responsible for driving the vehicles which take the cargo to the plane, they report suspicious or damaged baggage and, of course, they are responsible for making sure that the luggage goes onto the right plane. 

Part Time Aircraft Cleaner / Aircraft Appearance Agent Jobs

Part time entry level airport jobs as an aircraft appearance agent will see you working as part of a team to make sure aircraft are clean and presentable both on the interior and the exterior. 

For some flights, the turnaround time between landing and take off is very short so you need to be able to work quickly and efficiently so that the next load of passengers have a good travel experience. 

As well as cleaning and sanitising the aircraft, aircraft cleaners also replenish seat pockets for travellers. 

Again, as with baggage handler roles, if you are a part time cleaner of aircraft, you will need to be willing to work in all types of weather, outdoors. You will also need a driver’s licence as aircraft cleaners need to drive cleaning equipment to the various aircraft. 

Further Roles For Airport Ground Crew 

Above are just a few of the part time job ideas for working in an airport as airport ground crew. 

There are many other careers you can pursue as airport ground crew and for some, you may be able to progress from your part time entry level role into more specialised or senior positions. 

This can be done once you have gained more experience, by doing Apprenticeships in relevant roles and also by going on courses. For some technical roles, for example, you might need a degree in a relevant subject and also practical training. 

Part time jobs working as airport ground crew can be hugely rewarding and now, as we come out of the pandemic, ground crew are in high demand so now could be the perfect time to apply for roles. 

Most roles will require you to be at least 18 years of age and you will also be required to go through a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) criminal records check. 

Take a look at current part time job vacancies in your area to see if there are any part time jobs – in airports or elsewhere – to suit you.