It’s almost time to say Happy New Year! What are your part time job plans for 2024?

Are you already working part time? Or have you made a New Year’s resolution to commit to finding part time work at some point during this year?

Whatever your plans, this 2013 roundup blog is packed full of advice and tips – both to help you find part time jobs and what to do once you have found that dream role.

We also give you advice on what to do if that dream part time turns out to be not the experience you expected. 

Before we head into 2024 and start predicting what we expect part time work to look like throughout next year, let’s first remind ourselves of what happened throughout this year. Lots of advice for you in 2023 that will still be very relevant for your plans next year. 

January 2023 – Look Out For Burnout

You might think that by making the decision to work part time, burnout will not be on the agenda. But burnout can happen to anyone. People have many and varied reasons for choosing to work part time – for some it’s a necessity because of their circumstances.

Wearing ‘different heads’ and being constantly on the go can lead to burnout if you don’t take steps to combat it.

In 2023, the World Health Organisation recognised burnout as a specific diagnosis. What you are feeling when burnout is occurring is very real.

Rather than wait until you think burnout might be happening to you, read our article written in Janıary of 2023. 

There, you will find a list of symptoms that give you some clues that burnout is on the horizon. There are also lots of tips in this article about the steps you can take to look after yourself and avoid burnout

February 2023 – What Are The Logistics?

In some articles, we give you a few ideas about the types of part time jobs you might like to do. These are useful if you are thinking of changing direction with your career and want to try something new.

In our February 2023 article, we looked at the types of roles you could do if you were to work in the field of Logistics. 

Different people are more suited to some fields of work than others and this article about logistics listed the traits and qualities in people that makes them suited to this sector.

This is a diverse area of work so there could be something to suit you. If you are looking to change direction in 2024 and you are not certain which way to go, take a look at working in logistics to see if that might be something you would excel in.

March 2023 – How Did The Spring Budget Announcement Affect You?

In March 2023, we obviously looked at how Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Spring Budget Statement would affect you.

If you are working part time, or thinking about part time work, a lot of the announcements made directly affected you. Whatever your individual situation – whether you are a yoıng family or you are looking for some extra cash to fund a project or studies – the Budget Statement impacted all. 

Our article focussed on young families and the childcare reforms. 

From spring of 2024, reforms will come into effect on a roll out basis and it means families with young children will be entitled to a set amount of hours of free childcare depending on the age of the child.

There was also some help announced for those of you with older children and for families in receipt of Universal Credit.

If you want to remind yourself of the key takeaways of the Spring Budget Announcement with regards to family support, take a look at our March article

April 2023 – More Career Ideas: Childminding Careers

In April 2023, it was back to the subject of part time job ideas. And this time, we looked at an idea for those of you who enjoy being around children. 

Part time jobs as a childminder are ideal for those of you who want to work in your own home space as well as going on day trips and doing outdoor activities like the school run.

This article about becoming a childminder identified what a childminder is and what the duties and responsibilities are.

We also outlined the nine steps you need to take so that you can become a childminder. 

And, once you have become a childminder and you are all set up, what are the benefits to this career choice? From flexible working hours to job satisfaction, knowing that you are making a real difference, the benefits of childminding are many.

If you think you would like to look further into doing part time childminding jobs, take a look at our article for more details – how to become a childminder

May 2023 – Another Way To Work With Children: Nanny Careers

In May of 2023, we moved from childminding careers to that of a career in nannying. And if you have ever wondered what the difference is between the two roles, this article has got you covered. 

Becoming a nanny is another rewarding career that lends itself well to working part time – if you can find the right role for you. 

Nanny roles don’t necessarily suit everyone who loves to work with children as there are other things to take into consideration. Such as being comfortable working in other people’s homes and engaging with the parents of the child or children you are looking after. 

If you are considering a career as a nanny, our article gives you tips about where to start: how you can gain the relevant experience to land your first nannying role and how you can gain relevant qualifications.

We also cover the duties and responsibilities of a nanny.

If you think this type of part time work woıld suit you, you can find more details in our article about how to become a nanny.  

June 2023 – Conquering New Job Anxiety

This website is all about helping you to find your new – and perfect – part time job. If you are looking for a fresh start and either a change of career direction or a return to the workplace after a break, UK Part Time Jobs is the place to come to find that part time role.

And congratulations when you have landed that role. You can’t wait to get started! But there’s always that new job anxiety. The gap between being awarded the role and that dreaded first day and ensuing first few weeks.

This article tackles all of that by giving you tips about what to do to prepare yourself for your new job.

How to be proactive and make sure you go in on that first day as ready as you can be.

These are the same feelings and anxieties that we all have. It’s perfectly natural. So if you are getting ready to start a new part time job, take a look at oıur top tips for how to conquer that new job anxiety.

July 2023 – What Went Wrong – And Why Does It Keep Happening?

For some people, it just doesn’t happen. You apply for various part time jobs and you just know you would be the perfect person for the job. But for some reason, you aren’t managing to convince the employer that you are the person for the job.

What is it that’s going wrong? 

This article offered you the top 10 reasons where you might be going astray when you are applying for part time jobs. 

From making mistakes on your application form to inadequate preparation for interviews; from failing to sell yourself to not updating your industry knowledge. These are just some of the reasons why you might not be landing the role.

Before you apply for more part time jobs in 2024, take a look at where you might have been going wrong and what you can do to rectify that. 

These are our top 10 reasons why you didn’t get the part time job.

August 2023 – Have Thought About Using AI In Your Part Time Job Applications?

What are your thoughts on AI?

You might have read all the bad news about AI (Artificial Intelligence) without actually thinking about how you can make it useful for yourself.

If you are applying for multiple part time jobs, this can become a time consuming and – let’s face it – boring process. And it could also be one of the reasons why you are not getting those part time jobs.

As we said in the July article above, you could be making mistakes on the application form because you are filling out so many.

In our August 2023 article, we gave you a list of tips about how you can make use of AI to help you manage your applications and, hopefully, land that dream part time job. 

Take a look at our top tips for embracing AI in your part time job applications

September 2023 – Part Time Job Ideas: Is Music Your Passion?

In September 2023, we gave you more ideas about the types of part time jobs you can do if you have a passion in life. For this article, we focussed on the types of part time jobs you can do if you want to indulge your passion for music.

Whether entry level jobs or those that require a particular set of skills or qualifications, there are options for everyone. 

There are 11 different suggestions in the article, from being an actual performer to indulging in your own particular music taste by being a music critic or radio host.

If music really is your thing and you think you would like to combine your passion with making a living, take a look at the suggestions in our article; Part Time Job İdeas For Music Lovers.

October 2023 – Why Would You Want To Work Part Time, Anyway?

In October 2023, we looked at why you would want to work part time. If you are reading this article and you are yet to be convinced of the benefits of part time work, this is the article that could well change your mind. 

In the 2020s, no doubt with the pandemic acting as a catalyst, more and more of us are prioritising work/life balance and many have found that the flexibility that part time work offers gives them that balance they have been looking for.

From giving you the opportunity to enjoy more leisure time to switch off and relax – to giving you the opportunity to retrain and develop new skills – part time work can be leveraged for a variety of life goals. And because you are not working long hours, your job satisfaction in your actual role can also receive a boost. 

Whilst it might not suit everyone, for many people, part time work is a no brainer. 

For more reasons why part time work can be beneficial, take a look at our article about the benefits of part time work

November 2023 – Another Budget Statement

Not one Budget Statement in 2023 but two. And, in November, we covered what the main takeaways are from the Autumn Budget Statement by Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt.

Many believe this was a statement given with a Spring 2024 general election in mind, so we wait to see if indeed that is the case. 

In the article, we briefly covered what has happened since the last Statement and then went on to look at the key takeaways of the latest one. 

Whilst there was an increase in the Living Wage – good news for those of you looking for entry level roles – and also a cut in National Insurance Contributions, critics argued many people would still be paying more taxes as a result of other measures taken.

To find out more detail about this, you can read our article about the key takeaways from the Autumn Statement

Into 2024

If you are thinking about going into part time work in 2024, we will have more monthly advice articles coming for you throughout next year; from part time job ideas to advice about landing jobs and any government legislation that might be announced as the year progresses.

If you are currently in the jobs market and looking for part time roles, take a look at our list of current part time vacancies to see if there is anything to suit you. There are thousands of opportunities out there.

Good luck and happy new year!