Bad Habits That Can Make You Look Unprofessional At Work

Finding a part time job can be easy enough and landing that part time job by going through the application and interview process can be a bit stressful and a nerve-racking experience. We have lots of tips for you for getting yourself through that situation so that you can bag the job and start work. […]

Do You Hate Your Part Time Job? Here’s What To Do About It…

What to do when you hate your job; because, let’s face it, things are not always rosy in the workplace. For some, there comes a time when the smiles stop and you dread going to work for whatever reason. Reasons people can start to hate their job are many… You might be struggling to get […]

A Guide To Childcare Costs And Entitlements For Parents Working Part Time

Being a mum and making the decision to go back to work, even on a part time basis, can seem like a daunting task. You have spent months – perhaps even years – looking after your young family and now it’s time for you to head out to the workplace again because you feel ready […]

Childcare Options For Parents With Part Time Jobs

When you start a family, the time comes when you might be thinking about going back to work and, for many mums, the choice is often to work on a part time basis. Even if you are doing part time jobs, with a young family, you obviously need to make childcare provisions and, for many […]

The UK Skills Shortage – Could You Work Part Time In Any Of The Roles Where A Shortage Exists?

Are you thinking about applying for part time jobs but are unsure which type of work to look for? Or, perhaps you have applied for part time work in the past but have struggled to make yourself stand out above all the competition. There are certain types of roles out there that always seem to […]

Top Benefits Of Part Time Work For Mums

Why should you consider part time work as a mum? Everyone’s situations are different and, for some mums out there, even toying with the idea of part time work might not be an option. It might be the case that you have a choice of either full time work or being a full time parent. […]

Is Finding A Part Time Job Your 2017 New Year’s Resolution?

Coming up to the New Year, January is all about new beginnings. Whilst we’re starting to think about trying to shake off the excesses of December, it’s a time where we might sit down and create goals for ourselves. For many, that might be joining the gym to shed some extra pounds and get fit […]

An Introduction To Zero Hour Contracts – What Are They And What Are Their Advantages & Disadvantages?

Zero Hour Contracts – Are They A Misunderstood Topic? These days, most of you will have probably heard of zero hour contracts – and chances are, many of you who have read about zero hour contracts in the press will have read about how they are an exploitative form of employment that is detrimental to […]

UK Part Time Jobs Advice – An Overview Of 2015

Happy new year to everyone from everyone here at UK Part Time Jobs. 2015 was a busy year where we offered lots of tips and advice about part time jobs; how to get them, how to keep them and even, when the time arises, how to leave them. We also started to give some more […]

Part Time Jobs For Mums – Issues and Advantages of Part Time, Flexible Working Whilst Being A Parent

Once you have made the decision to start a family, you will know that once your baby is born, it is going to change your life considerably. Not only will your daily routine at home change beyond comparison to previously, your work life balance will also often be affected. This could be through your own […]

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