What are the best part time jobs out there? Well that all depends on you. The best part time jobs are the ones that suit your personality. Jobs that resonate. If you have a genuine passion for your field then land the right job and more often than not, it won’t feel like you are going to work. Your part time job can be your passion.

This article is for those of you out there who might be considering part time jobs but have been wondering what type of work to do. It is an article for those of you who have thought about where their passions lie and have decided that a role where music plays a big part of the job would be perfect for you. 

We’ve compiled a list of part time job ideas for music lovers. Some of these roles are entry level roles whilst others will require other skills and qualifications. In all of these suggestions, however, music plays a clear role. 

Whether you like listening to music, playing music or creating music, let’s take a look at some ideas for careers for all you music lovers out there.

Part time job ideas for music lovers

Musician / Performer

Perhaps the role that jumps into most people’s heads when we think of part time jobs for music lovers is the role where you are the actual musician or performer.

A lot of people who enjoy playing musical instruments or who enjoy singing will also want to be performing.

Obviously, not everyone is going to make it to the dizzy heights of selling out huge stadiums but that doesn’t mean playing music can’t be a viable part time job.

Local bands and solo performers can often make a wage by playing at venues local to them. Regular slots at local bars and clubs and local events. 

Get yourself a busking licence and you can even pick up a few extra pounds from passersby in the street as you entertain them. 

As well as being in a band, depending on the instrument you play and the type of music you like, you could be part of an orchestra, playing music in theatres. 

Brass bands and specialist clubs like ukulele clubs can also give you the opportunity to perform at local events. Whilst these won’t often be paid jobs, they give you the opportunity to perform, raise money for charities and other local organisations and make new friends with the same interests as you. You all share a love of music. 

Music business manager or agent

If you love music but you don’t want to be the star of the show and would much rather be behind the scenes, then being a part time music business manager or agent might suit you.

As well as being a fan of music, a music manager also needs good persuasion skills – it is your job to get gigs and recordings for your clients – and also good organisation skills. A manager will need to look after arrangements for transport and deal with relevant finances.

Again, on a part time basis, this could be a role you could do for your favourite local bands whilst also working other part time jobs. 

Part time radio host

Most radio stations out there play music and if you like to talk to people and share your love of music then being a part time radio host could be perfect for you.

If you have never done any hosting before, you could get into it by doing some volunteering on this like hospital radio where you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are brightening someone’s day. Local radio stations might also be able to offer you some part time work.

If you have a real niche taste in music and you are keen to be evangelical about it and share it with the world, another route into being a radio host is to have your own ‘radio station’ by way of a podcast. 

Doing a podcast will give you complete control of the music you play and any interviews you might want to do. 

Music critic or music journalist

If you are the type of person who always has an opinion on the latest releases in the music world, then you could think about being a part time music critic or journalist. This could give you the opportunity to interview musicians, bands, managers and others in the music industry. 

As well as working for publications, you could also take charge of the situation yourself by setting up your own music blog and start to build a following in this way. This will give you the freedom to write about the types of music you like and find a niche audience.

Bloggers can make money from advertising or, if you build up a loyal following, you could also put your work behind a paywall so that readers can subscribe to read your thoughts on the music you like to listen to and / or play. 

Music event planner / Coordinator

Music event planners are often people who are passionate about music. On top of this, you will need to be good at project management and have excellent communication skills. 

As a music event planner, you will be in charge of devising the concept of the event. You will need to communicate why the event is being held, why certain musicians and bands have been chosen to perform at the event and why the types of recorded music have been chosen.

You will also be responsible for the logistics of the event from getting stages and audience areas set up to timing the sets and organising tickets and crowd control. 

As you can imagine, music event planners often have many contacts because they need to deal with contractors in various fields to make an event work successfully. 

Not all music events are about huge stadia and arenas. You could also work in the organisation of local festivals in your area, one off occasions that are perhaps more intimate and also organise events at local venues such as pubs and clubs. 

Music teacher

Have you got a musical instrument that you love to play and you also wish other people could learn how to play that instrument, too? 

Music brings joy to so many people and being able to play a musical instrument is a real gift. If you want to pass on that gift to others and make some extra cash at the same time, you could do some part time work as a music teacher. 

Some music teachers go into local schools to give lessons to small groups of children. Others prefer to be mobile and might go into people’s houses to give music lessons. Or you might have people come round to your own property to receive tuition. 

As well as being proficient in playing a  musical instrument or in singing, as a music teacher, you will also need to have lots of patience, be encouraging of your students and also differentiate between different students. Some students will learn quicker than others.

Music teachers devise lessons for students and get them through the relevant graded tests or exams. 

Part time roadie

If you are a music lover and you don’t mind working from home, don’t mind working evenings and weekends and you are physically fit, then you could consider becoming a roadie. 

Roadies often work with bands and musicians who are on tour. Depending on the venue, it is the job of the roadie to set up and dismantle the stage and set up the band’s instruments as well as the sound and lighting. 

Part time roles could be available with events companies and there are also practical courses you can do that would give you nationally recognised qualifications. 

Getting into this type of role is also all about getting your face and your name known in the business. Good networking skills are needed and you might also do some volunteering so that you can demonstrate your technical skills and also learn more about the role.  

Music therapist

If you really believe in the power of music and its ability to change moods and health, then you might want to think about becoming a music therapist. 

Music therapists work with people and help them to deal with feelings they can’t articulate by way of music. 

As well as being a music lover and someone who enjoys creating music, you will also need to be the type of person who is good at building trusting relationships with your clients. When you are doing  music therapy, the music is often improvised with both voice and instruments. 

As a musşic therapist, you could work in a variety of environments from NHS facilities to private healthcare units. You could also work in schools, prisons and other public areas. And you will help people from all backgrounds – those with mental illness, emotional problems, physical illness, developmental problems.

There are different paths you can take if you want to be a music therapist. A Degree Apprenticeship would mean you can learn on the job. Naturally, you will need to be able to demonstrate a strong musical background. 

Music photographer / Videographer

Combine your passion for being behind the camera with your passion for music! 

As with some of the other part time job ideas for music lovers in this article, you can start out doing this type of work by networking with local bands and filming or photographing their live gigs and doing photo shoots.

You might start out by doing this voluntarily to build up some contacts before you can begin asking for a fee. You might also be able to get some work with local events organisers and agencies. 

Music retail & merchandising

If you are looking for part time entry level jobs and you also love to meet people, then working in the music retail sector could be perfect for you.

This could be working in dedicated high street stores that sell music of all genres to music lovers. Or you could work in independent specialist stores where you can really get to know the customers and the types of rare or vintage music they might be looking for. 

If you want to do events jobs and work at festivals and concerts, there could be retail roles selling merchandise around the theme for the festival or the concert. T-shirts, mugs, badges etc. 

Part time events jobs

If you are a music lover who loves being at live events, you could earn some money at the same time by actually working at these events

There are so many different part time and temporary roles out there that could see you at various musical events – getting to see and listen to your favourite bands and performers whilst also providing a service and helping concert goers in some way. 

Whether specialist roles or part time entry level jobs, signing up with an events agency can get you out there in the world of work. 

Apply for part time musical jobs

So, if you have been trying to decide what type of part time job you would like to do and you love music and some of the ideas above have piqued your interest, why not take a look at our current list of part time vacancies to see if there is anything to suit your needs.

And if you’d like a specialist career and haven’t got the qualifications, get yourself out there and get on a course that will set you on the right path. You could do some part time entry level work or volunteering in a similar musical field to build some skills and experience.