Have you ever considered a part time job working in the UK’s hospitality sector? Almost 10% of the UK population works in the hospitality sector (around 4.5 million people) and it is the UK’s 4th largest industry.

Even if you listen to or read the news only occasionally, you will be aware that the hospitality sector has been adversely affected by both the Coronavirus pandemic and also Brexit.

With regards to the pandemic, hospitality is an industry that is all about dealing with people both in a leisure and in a business capacity. When a pandemic arrives where people are told to isolate themselves from others, that industry cannot operate effectively. Pubs, restaurants, hotels and other venues were all forced to close their doors for some time.

With regards to Brexit, the hospitality industry is an area that has lent itself well to employing overseas workers. Many of these overseas workers have now left the UK.

So what does that mean for you and for the hospitality industry? For the hospitality industry, now restrictions are gradually being lifted, they have a shortfall in employees and need to recruit people in the hundreds of thousands.

Even when restrictions are fully lifted, the nature of the hospitality industry means that, as well as full time careers, those of you looking for part time hours or seasonal jobs should be able to turn to this sector for employment.

So, for you, the great thing about part time hospitality jobs and careers is that you have a good chance of finding a role with hours that will suit you. And, at the time of writing, as the world is dealing with the pandemic, the hospitality industry is on a big recruitment drive.

If you are looking to get back into the workplace after taking time out to raise a family or you are looking to work part time hours so you can concentrate on other projects and commitments, part time hospitality jobs could be perfect.

What Are The Benefits Of Part Time Hospitality Jobs?

There are many benefits to part time hospitality jobs and we have touched on a couple of those, above.

Why should you consider part time work in the UK’s hospitality industry? Let’s take a look:

  • Flexible hours: Lots of people who want to work part time are also looking for those part time hours to be flexible. There are lots of roles out there in the hospitality sector that need you to be flexible with your hours so it’s a win-win situation.
  • Flexible shifts: For some part time hospitality jobs, flexible shifts are the norm. This means if you know in advance that you are not going to be available for work on a given day, you can ask not to be given a shift. Likewise, if an emergency crops up and you are scheduled to work, you might be able to swap a shift with one of your coworkers.
  • The tips: Part time hospitality jobs often come with an hourly rate of pay. On top of your wage, many roles in this sector mean you will also get the extra financial bonus of tips. In some cases, it can be a few extra pounds to top the wages up but for some jobs the tips can be very generous and may even exceed your pay packet for your hours worked.
  • Entry level jobs: If you have little or no work experience, or you have been out of the world of work for a while, part time hospitality jobs could offer you the opportunity to get a foot in the door and build up some work experience. There are many roles out there in the hospitality industry that are entry level jobs.
  • Career Development: Many companies within the hospiğtality industry have structured training and development programmes so your part time entry level job could eventually become a career.You can learn on the job and also take extra courses if you like.
  • Meet new people: If you are the type of person who loves to meet new people – and people from all walks of life – then what better than part time hospitality jobs; the industry that is all about people! Not only will you meet new coworkers who can become friends for life, but you will also be dealing with guests and customers from various backgrounds.
  • Networking opportunities: Part time hospitality jobs mean you will be presented with networking opportunities where you can make contacts in the business industry and in other areas, too.
  • Transferable skills: Being in any workplace means you will develop transferable skills as well as those directly related to your role. Part time hospitality jobs lend themselves to a whole range of skills development that you can take with you to other sectors if you decide to move on. If you are in a front of house role, for example, where you are dealing directly with the public, your communication skills will need to be excellent. These skills can be taken with you to your next role.
  • Every shift is different: If you are someone who hates the idea of repetitive workdays, part time hospitality jobs are going to suit you as each shift will be different from the rest. Yes, depending on the customers you are dealing with some shifts might be stressful but on other days, it might not even feel like you are at work. Getting paid to do a part time job you love is always a bonus!

What Types of Part Time Hospitality Jobs Are There?

The UK hospitality industry is huge and varied with a whole range of job titles. ‘Hospitality’ is an umbrella term for jobs and careers in travel & tourism, food and beverages, leisure and lodging.

You could be in a job where you are dealing directly with the public or you could be in positions where you are working in kitchens, offices and other areas where contact with the public is minimal.

Here, we’ll list just a few of the roles that lend themselves well to flexible, part time and seasonal work.

Part Time Bar Jobs: Preparing alcoholic and soft drinks for customers, you could be working anywhere from a small local pub to a large venue covering events such as concerts, sports matches and exhibitions.

Part Time Barista Jobs: If hot drinks and speciality coffees are more your things, you could train to be a barista. Work in your local artisan coffee shops or for a large chain on the high street or in shopping centres. Hotels and restaurants are also venues where you could do barista jobs.

Part Time Waiting-on Jobs: From small cafes to hotels, restaurants and sports grounds, there are lots of opportunities for part time jobs serving food to customers. Waiters and waitresses can be serving anything from simple home cooking to food created by Michelin-starred chefs in high end restaurants.

Part Time Counter Staff Jobs: Some food and beverage places are self service where you will prepare drinks and food for customers and take payment for it all over the counter.

Part Time Kitchen Staff Jobs: If you would prefer a part time hospitality job that isn’t front of house then you could work in the kitchens. Don’t worry if you are not a qualified chef; there are other roles you can do where you can learn lots of new skills. Part time kitchen jobs could be:

  • Kitchen porter – making sure the chefs and other food staff have the equipment and foods they need. A kitchen porter also keeps the general kitchen area clean, including washing up.
  • Kitchen assistant – if you want a part time hospitality job where you are working with food then you can get entry level roles as a kitchen assistant. This will include food prep and also prepping some basic side servings for when service begins.
  • Chef – Depending on the size of the establishment, you could be part of a cheffing team in a large kitchen, specialising in a particular area, or you might have one or two assistants.

Part Time Receptionist Jobs: Part time receptionist jobs in the hospitality sector can be in hotels and larger restaurants as well as leisure centres. Receptionists deal with guests and customers by phone, online and in person. You also need good organisational skills and be able to use company software to arrange bookings, seating arrangements and room allocations whilst also dealing with customers’ personal requests.

Part Time Housekeeping Jobs: If you love to see a pristine room when you go to stay in a hotel or other accommodation, you could be the person making sure this happens. Part time housekeeping jobs can be seasonal or year round depending on the type of establishment you are working at.

Part Time Catering Jobs: There are so many types of part time catering jobs out there. As well as the restaurant and hotel jobs mentioned, here are some other types of catering jobs you could do:

  • School and hospital kitchens – preparing food on a large scale rather than individual meals.
  • Buffet catering – some companies specialise in providing catering for weddings, birthdays and other similar events. These types of roles tend to be more flexible and would suit you if you only wanted to work a few hours a week.
  • Food truck catering – Events companies employ staff to work in food vans at festivals, sporting events and other large gatherings. If you want flexible hours and you want to be kept busy cooking and dealing with customers at the same time, these types of roles could be ideal.

Cruiser Boat Steward: If you like the idea of a floating private hotel rather than being on land – and you would also prefer to do seasonal work – then you could apply for steward jobs on private cruisers. Stewards are responsible for serving food and drinks as well as cleaning rooms and making sure guests have everything they need throughout their charter. If you have good sea legs, the tips can be substantial on cruisers like these.

These are just a few of the part time hospitality jobs out there that can give you a first step on the ladder of getting into the workplace. Whether you want to keep your role as a part time job to tide you over for a while or you want to go on to pursue a permanent career in hospitality by completing further training, you’re bound to find a rewarding role within this industry.