Glasgow-based tech and IT specialist firm Pursuit Marketing has started a new programme which will offer term-only time jobs, thus hoping to attract more parents into the workplace on a part time basis.

Apart from positions within the education sector itself, such as teaching, the 10 new term-time only jobs would appear to be the first of their kind in the UK.

The term-time only recruits at Pursuit Marketing will also only work part time hours during term time, too, with their working day starting at 9:30am and finishing at 2:30pm, Monday through Friday (with the option of a four-day week). Such hours will allow parents to leave work early enough to pick the kids up from school, as well as being off work for every day of the school holidays.

Lorraine Gray, Operations Director at Pursuit, said: “Last year we introduced a four-day week for our staff, without cutting pay, and productivity soared so this is a natural progression of that policy. Parents often feel torn between work and spending time with their children, especially during their early years, and this solution resolves that dilemma, allowing them to be at their desks during term time and at home with their children during the various school holidays.”

“These working hours have, until now, only been available to those employed within the education sector, and Pursuit Marketing are delighted to be the first private sector organisation in the UK to provide the ultimate work life balance for parents,” added Ms Gray.

Praising the initiative, Family Friendly Working Scotland’s Joint Programme Director, Nikki Slowey, said: “Too many people still think working flexibly is about mothers and part time work. But our latest research to mark National Work Life Week shows this assumption is outdated.”

“The ability to work flexibly is wanted by men and women and is sought after by workers of all ages, parents and non-parents alike. Many just want small changes, such as amending their start or finish time, or having occasional time off for family emergencies, deliveries and school events,” added Ms Slowey.

Other benefits on offer for employees at Pursuit Marketing include the option to work a four-day week on full time pay, flexible working shifts and daily fitness classes.

Although the Pursuit Marketing offering is truly one of a kind, there are loads of other jobs in the marketing sector which have flexible hours. No matter where you are based in the UK we can help you find a marketing vacancy which doesn’t commit you to 40 hours per week. Get started now from our part time marketing jobs page.