Are you looking for a new part time job and wondering what type of roles to apply for? Well, if you are a sporty person, why not look for roles that align with your sports skills or values? There are lots of ideas out there for part time jobs for sporty people.

These days, more and more people are placing job satisfaction right at the top of the list in their reasons for wanting to work in a particular role. Yes, of course we all want to reap the financial benefits of our labouring efforts but, while we are out there grafting, we also want to be doing our job because we want to be there and – dare we say it – even enjoying ourselves.

This goes for part time jobs, too. There is no reason that just because you are working part time, you have to be in a dead end job that doesn’t match your values or your passion. If you have been out of work for a while and you are thinking about returning to work part time, or you are on the job hunt for part time roles that do sync with your values and skills, here some top job ideas for those of you with a sporty obsession.

And don’t worry; you don’t have to be the next Mo Farah or Roger Federer or anyone like that. Well, you could be of course – but you can also consider some great part time sports job opportunities if you are an armchair sports fan, if you play the odd team game with friends or you involved in a local sports club. Perhaps you enjoy doing sessions in the gym or going out for a run a few times a week.

How To Choose Ideal Part Time Sports Jobs

What are the aspects of sport that really float your boat? These aspects that you really enjoy can be the pointers to the types of part time sports jobs you might want to apply for.

  • The Build Up To A Sporting Event – Do you count down the days to the next big event on the sporting calendar for your favourite sport? Do you follow the TV adverts and social media campaigns that precede the sporting event? Is it the build up that really gets you excited about what’s to come? Sporty jobs could be found that relate to the build up and promotion.
  • The Buzz Of A Sporting Event – Do you like to be actually at the sporting event when it takes place? Not just watching the match or the race but also soaking up the whole atmosphere. What part time sports jobs are out there that could mean you are being paid to be immersed in that event?
  • The Analysis Of A Sporting Event – There are those of you out there who love to sit with pen and paper, with apps or with software. You love to record stats – facts and figures, the weather, the names of those taking part. Are there part time jobs out there that could indulge your passion for stats?
  • Helping Others – If you see sport as a vehicle for getting people of whatever age out of the house and involved in activity then part time sports jobs could be in fields where you are helping others to do just that.

So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at some ideas of part time jobs for sporty people. Some roles might be obvious whilst, for others, there could be some ideas you haven’t considered, previously. And the great thing about this mix of part time jobs for sporty people is that some are entry level roles and, for others, you could be using previous experience or qualifications and applying them to your new part time career in sports. See something you like and you could soon be earning money from your passion rather than having it as a side hobby.

Part Time Sports Jobs Helping Others

There are lots of part time sports jobs out there where you are either working directly with participants to help them improve or you might be working behind the scenes or in a role that indirectly helps people.

  • Sports Coach – What is the sport you are most passionate about? Equip yourself with some coaching qualifications and you could be working with individuals or teams on a part time basis as their coach. Part time coaching jobs can be with both children and adults, coaching on a variety of levels.
  • Activity Instructor – We’ve written in the past about the benefits of working at activity camps and if you are sporty person looking for temporary part time jobs, this work could be ideal for you. If you are looking to do sports coaching jobs in the future, activity camps are great places to gain some training and qualifications.
  • PE Teacher or Teaching Assistant – Ideal part time job ideas for mums can be hard to come by but part time work during term time can suit. If you are a sporty mum, or if you are a person who wants to work with children in schools, a good part time sports job could be as a PE teacher or as a part time teaching assistant.
  • Gym Instructor – Are you someone who loves to spend time in the gym? Why not get rid of your membership fees and help others at the same time by becoming a gym instructor. Create programmes for people and help them to get fitter and healthier.
  • Group Exercise Instructor – Part time jobs for sporty people could be as a group exercise instructor. Again, this could be a good option for mums as you could work flexible hours.
  • Personal Fitness Trainer – Personal fitness trainers can work for local gyms or independently. Part time personal fitness trainer jobs can suit people looking to work flexible hours.
  • Physiotherapist – Help people recover from injury and teach them how to avoid it.
  • Sports Psychologist – Qualified psychologists who love sport can apply their knowledge by helping sports people with their performance by getting them in the right frame of mind.
  • Sports Dietitian – Combine your love of nutrition, food and sport.
  • Recruiter for charity fundraisers – If you are looking for part time sporty jobs and also want to help raise money for charities, recruiter jobs could be perfect for you. Raising awareness of the charity to attract runners and other sportspeople to take part in events, raising money for the charity.
  • Scout – If you think you’ve got a good eye for spotting the sports stars of the future, being a scout might be right up your street.
  • Health club assistant – Not all part time sports jobs have to be directly involved with the sport. For example, you could do roles such as front of house as a receptionist or membership manager.

Part Time Sports Jobs Where You Can Be A Part Of The Build Up To A Sporting Event

  • Marketing, Advertising & PR – If you are both creative and confident in communicating with people then part time marketing, advertising and PR jobs could be perfect for you. Get your sporting event out there and make it the talk of the town so that ticket sales soar.
  • Events officer – Promote your favourite sporting events to raise awareness of it.
  • Delivering Leaflets – Part time entry level sporty jobs could be doing leaflet distribution. If you have commitments – if you are a parent with small children or you have more than one part time job – this type of work could be ideal as you can usually choose your own hours.
  • Social Media Campaigns – Part time digital marketing jobs promoting sporting events will suit those of you who have a gift for the written word. If you know your way around social media outlets and have some SEO knowledge, again, part time digital marketing jobs can be good for parents or carers because many offer the opportunity to work from home.

Part Time Sports Jobs Using your Analytical Skill

If sport is more about analysis and concentration for you, rather than the physical activity, here are part time job ideas that might suit you.

  • Sports Analyst – Many sports analyst jobs are part time roles because your main duties only take place when there is an actual match. Sports analysts must know their sport inside out – all the rules and the players. Concentration skills and the ability to analyse video are key to this role.
  • Sports Event Market Research – If you have a marketing background, part time sports jobs doing market research for sporting events could suit you.
  • Sports Development – Sports development jobs could suit parents looking for term time work as some roles are at universities around the UK. Other part time roles could be working for local community organisations, encouraging participation in sports in your area.
  • Scoreboard Operator – Well someone’s got to do it. Depending on the sport, the job of scoreboard operator could be a busy one. Again, concentration skills are key to this role.

Part Time Sports Jobs Where You Can Enjoy The Buzz Of The Sporting Event

If you love to be in the thick of it by actually being at sporting events, there are lots of sporty part time jobs you could do. The good news is, a lot of these are entry level roles so if you have little or no work experience, or you haven’t worked for a while, these could be good opportunities for you. Some of these types of jobs can also be temporary events roles, too.

  • Crowd Steward – Ensure the safety of supporters and spectators in the stands whilst also getting to watch your favourite sport at the same time.
  • Ticket Collection – Working on the turnstiles at sporting events means you can also get to watch the events on many occasions.
  • Car Park Marshall – Part time events jobs often advertise vacancies for car park marshalls. Guide the traffic to suitable places and feel the buzz of the event at the same time.
  • Security – If you want to work in security, you could do this for sporting events, making sure the ground or the site is secure before and during the event.
  • Memorabilia Sales – Another good way to be a part of sporting events is to do retail jobs, selling sporting memorabilia and souvenirs whilst at the event.
  • Catering – Part time catering jobs might be worth considering for sporty people. You could be working in food stands around a stadium or serving meals in the corporate boxes.
  • Referee, Assistant Referee, Umpire, Linesman, Track and Field Marshall – If you have got the qualifications, part time jobs for sporty people who want to be in the thick of the action could be as one of the officials. These types of part time jobs can be at local community events as well as larger, more well known sporting events.
  • Sports journalist, broadcaster or sports blogger – Another sporty part time job for those of you with a gist for the written word or the spoken word. You might be working for national press or broadcasters or it could be for your local news agency. Whatever the case, these types of part time jobs mean you get to be at the event. You could be note taking for writing future articles, live blogging as the event takes place or commentating on the event.
  • Sports photographer or videographer – Are you someone who likes to be behind the lens? If you have skill for taking stills or moving pictures and you are a sporty person, too, you could combine both your passions with part time sports photographer or videographer jobs.

These are just a few ideas of part time jobs for sporty people. There could be many more opportunities out there where you get to combine your love of sport with earning a living, too.

Take a look to see if there are any current sporty part time jobs to suit your needs. And don’t forget to read our tips about the best way to land part time jobs and also how to shine during your interview.