When it comes to seasonal work, Christmas jobs are one of the most common types of temporary jobs out there. Temporary jobs can be advantageous for a variety of reasons; flexibility or working hours, improvement of work life balance and variety in the types of jobs you do and workplaces you attend are just a few of those advantages.

Obviously, part time temporary work can be done at all times of the year and we have written in depth about temping jobs and their benefits in the past but for seasonal work, summer holiday jobs and Christmas jobs are the types of opportunity that usually spring to mind for those of you looking to work at particular times of the year.

In this article, we’ll focus on Christmas jobs and give you some top tips, not only for the types of seasonal work you can do during the festive season but also some tips about how to get these jobs, what to look out for and the benefits of them.

So, first of all, let’s take a look at the types of Christmas jobs out there that could see you doing temporary work – temporary work that will have you full of the festive spirit and (hopefully) pockets packed with cash for Christmas shopping, other treats and for a general ease on any financial burden.

What Are The Different Types Of Seasonal Christmas Jobs?

Some ideas for Christmas jobs might jump to mind immediately but there are also lots of other types of temporary work you could do that you perhaps wouldn’t have thought of – even fun and wacky jobs. Hopefully, with this list, you should be able to find some ideas for work over the festive period whether you are a student, school leaver, a new parent looking for some part time work or even a worker from overseas.

Temporary Retail Christmas Jobs

Part time and temporary retail jobs are perhaps one of the most common types of Christmas jobs out there. As the festivities begin to take hold in the build up to Christmas, many of the United Kingdom’s most famous high street names will take on many temporary staff to meet with the extra demand from customers.

Retail Christmas jobs come in all shapes and sizes and usually require you to work weekends and evenings as well as day times so this type of work suits those of you who are in a position to work flexible hours:

  • Seasonal fashion retail positions. If fashion and footwear are your thing, perhaps you could consider Christmas jobs in some of the UK’s famous high street fashion stores. Entry level Christmas jobs in retail could be as a sales assistant where you will be responsible for dealing with customer requests, hanging clothes, handling cash and credit cards and also making sure the store is clean and tidy.
  • Christmas retail jobs in supermarkets. We are all no doubt very aware of how busy supermarkets can become in the run up to Christmas. As the time gets closer, supermarkets recruit staff to work in their various departments. For entry level supermarket jobs, as well as the duties expected of a sales assistant in fashion retail stores, supermarket Christmas jobs could also see you replenishing stock on the shelves, packing bags for customers and also guiding them to the right area of the supermarket so they can find what they are looking for.
  • Gift stores and toy stores. It goes without saying that any type of gift store or toy store – whether well known chain or a small family business – is going to be much busier over the Christmas period. Jewellery shops, gadget shops, pop up Christmas shops – all of these types of places are where there could be opportunities for temporary Christmas jobs as store assistants and roles with more responsibility, too.

Temporary Warehouse Jobs

Seasonal work such as Christmas jobs in warehouses is very common and could be worth considering if you have any locally. Warehouse jobs usually require that you are physically fit and you are often on your feet throughout your shift and carrying or moving various goods.

Warehouse jobs can be good for those of you looking for entry level work as well as people with more experience in this field. For example, if you are looking to get a foothold in the world of work again after taking time out to have children, temporary jobs like this could be ideal for you. If you have experience or any special licences – a fork lift truck license, for example – then you could be in more demand and earn higher wages.

Warehouses exist for all types of companies such as supermarkets, large retail stores and also online companies. The prevalence of online shopping, these days, means Christmas jobs in warehouses around the country could be plentiful.

Christmas Delivery Jobs

When it comes to delivery jobs over the festive period, you could be delivering goods to customers either in your immediate locality or, depending on the type and size of company you are working for, it could even be nationwide deliveries. Delivery jobs come in all shapes and sizes. You could be doing Christmas deliveries for:

  • Supermarkets – More people will order their good online over the Christmas period so they have time to do other shopping and preparations.
  • Online businesses – More and more people will do online shopping for Christmas gifts so that they can send gifts to friends and family elsewhere in the country. Also specialist companies are more likely to have an online presence rather than high street stores. Many of these will employ delivery drivers in the run up to Christmas.
  • Delivery Companies – Many national delivery companies are used by Britain’s retail stores to take care of their mail order and online order deliveries. Depending on the size of the company, Christmas jobs could be driving one of their vehicles, or you could even be using your own vehicle to transport goods.
  • Local Companies – Part time Christmas delivery jobs don’t always have to be with well known national companies who operate large distribution centres. Also have a think about companies close to where you live. Small local businesses that might be looking for a temporary delivery driver over the Christmas period. This could be delivering flowers and Christmas wreaths for your local florist, for example, or transporting buffet foods and takeaway foods to Christmas parties. If you have your own vehicle and want to work flexible hours over Christmas, these types of roles could be ideal for you.

Mail Sorting Christmas Jobs

Whilst many people send their Christmas messages online, these days, there are still those of us who will send Christmas cards to friends and family both at home and abroad and, in the run up to Christmas festivities, the mail offices of the UK are packed with extra envelopes and parcels to deal with. After all, for those who celebrate Christmas, we do want our gifts under the tree on Christmas Day, don’t we?

As well as Royal Mail, private delivery companies will also advertise Christmas jobs as vacancies arise for mail sorters, pickers and packers so that people around the country receive their cards and parcels on time.

Christmas Jobs In Bars And Restaurants

As well as Christmas retail jobs, Christmas jobs in bars and restaurants are perhaps the type of of work that first springs to mind for temporary work at this time of year.

Whether you are looking for part time entry level jobs or you have previous experience in bar jobs or waiting on tables, this type of work will suit people who are in a position to work flexible hours, in particular at evenings and weekends. Take into consideration that if you are a parent looking to get back into work by doing a Christmas job on a part time temporary basis, unless you can swap shifts with other staff, you might be expected to work Christmas Eve or even Christmas Day.

Bar and restaurant work can sometimes be lucrative as party goers are hopefully in the festive spirit and you could benefit from their festive generosity by way of good tips on top of your hourly wage.

A few places where you could look for Christmas jobs for bar work and waiting on tables are:

  • Local pubs and restaurants around your area – both well known chains and smaller, independent establishments.
  • Hotels – whether you live in a busy city centre or a rural or seaside setting, hotels are often busy over Christmas for Christmas parties and family occasions, too.
  • Country clubs.
  • Race courses and other sporting venues – many of these places have function rooms which will be booked up for parties and theme nights in the run up to Christmas and beyond.
  • Exhibition centres and theatres.

Of course, these are just a few ideas but the great thing about part time Christmas jobs in bars and restaurants is they might be possible to find relatively locally; if you work late hours, you should get transport home as part of your job; there’s the tips as we mentioned before and there could also be the possibility of swapping shifts with fellow colleagues if, for some reason, you can’t fulfil your hours on that day.

Christmas Jobs With Events Companies

There is a whole host of jobs you can do with events companies and, if you are able to work flexible hours and be flexible with which areas you work in, this could give you even more opportunity to find part time, temporary work.

Events companies come in all shapes and sizes. Some will provide catering staff or entertainment staff for Christmas parties and gatherings whilst others will also provide services such as security and maintenance, too. So whatever your skills, there could be Christmas jobs with events companies to suit you. Depending on the size of the Christmas event and the company you work for, types of part time Christmas work could include:

  • Front of house – meeting and greeting.
  • Host / hostess – mingling with partygoers and communicating with them to make sure their needs are being met.
  • Bar jobs and waiting on tables.
  • Kitchen assistant jobs or chef jobs for the more qualified.
  • Entertainment staff.
  • Security staff – this could be crowd control, ticket checking, guiding cars and other vehicles to relevant parking bays
  • Maintenance staff – if you are a handyman/woman, maintenance staff are required for Christmas parties to check things like lighting etc. Other maintenance work can involve the setting up of function rooms and other spaces for Christmas parties and Christmas events.
  • Cleaning staff – Christmas events need to be cleaned up after they have happened and also need to be kept clean during the event for both safety and hygiene reasons.

Part Time Christmas Jobs You Might Not Have Considered

Christmas jobs can also crop up in places you might not have considered before – and some of them, in true festive fashion can be just downright good fun! Let’s have a look at some other types of temporary jobs out there that can get you into the festive spirit.

Christmas Jobs In Garden Centres

Garden centres sell much more than plants and shrubs and Christmas time is busy with people coming to buy Christmas trees, decorations and gifts. Christmas jobs in garden centres can be working as a sales assistant or helping out around the centre, selling Christmas trees and other festive ware.

Christmas Market Jobs

If you have ever been to your local Christmas Market, you’ll know they can be lots of fun but also get very busy. Christmas market jobs could be anything from helping set up the area, to bar jobs where you are serving mulled wine and other drinks, food assistant or sales assistant. Wrap up warm for his type of particular Christmas job and keep yourself busy in a winter wonderland.

Vegetable Picking Christmas Jobs

Love them or loathe them, the Brussels sprout pops up on most Christmas dinner plates and millions of them are sold in the days leading to Christmas. Of course, someone has to get out there and pick them all before they hit the supermarket shelves and greengrocers’ shops. A great temporary Christmas job for those who love to get stuck in and do hands on work – and you can have the satisfaction of knowing you helped get the sprouts on people’s Christmas dinner plates…whether they want them to be there or not.

Christmas Grotto Jobs

Well Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a Santa’s Grotto, would it? How do you fancy part time temporary Christmas work as a Christmas elf? Patience, confidence in dealing with stressed out parents and over-excited children is a must, of course.

And we’ve got the Christmas elves so who’s missing? Santa, of course. Well someone has to be Father Christmas. If you think you’ve got what it takes to create the magic and be a convincing Santa, this could be a good fun seasonal job for you.

Christmas grotto jobs could be in large department stores and garden centres or in shopping centres and Christmas markets.

What Are The Advantages of Christmas Jobs?

People take on temporary Christmas jobs for lots of reasons and there are many advantages to working over the festive period. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of seasonal work over Yuletide.

Christmas Jobs Are Good For Your CV

Whether you are looking to get your first foothold into the world of work or you are dipping your toes back into the workplace after taking time out for parenting, part time temporary work such as Christmas jobs can do wonders for your CV.

This work experience means you get to fill in that gaping gap where you are supposed to write all about your previous jobs or career. Christmas jobs mean you are thrown in at the deep end and you need to settle into the role quickly, pick up any new skills and work as part of a team. These are all traits that will impress any potential future employers.

Christmas Jobs Can Give You Experience Of The Workplace

Christmas jobs give you good practical experience of the workplace, whatever type of work you undertake. If you have no previous work experience, employers often find that despite your qualifications or practical skills, experience of the workplace can affect work.

Because Christmas jobs throw you in right in the thick of it, you will gain transferable skills such as working on your own initiative, working as part of a team and working under pressure. You will also gain experience about time keeping and what is seen as appropriate behaviour in the workplace and how to address superiors and colleagues.

All of these are skills that you can stress on your CV to help you get a permanent job in the future, if that is what you want.

Earn Money With Part Time Christmas Jobs

Well, let’s face it, however much we might enjoy our work, we all want to be paid for our efforts at the end of each week or month. Christmas is a time where, for most of us, money flows through our fingers and the financial burden can become stressful for some. Christmas jobs can go a long way to helping to ease this burden. And if it is just some extra pocket money you are looking for, your Christmas job can certainly give you this so that your festivities are that much more fun and easy on the pocket.

Christmas Jobs Mean You Could Receive Training And Learn New Skills

Many people think temporary jobs are just a bit of entry level work for a few weeks where you are there purely to cover a busy period and, aside from your employment rights in temping jobs, you are not treated as a regular member of staff.

While this might still be the case in some firms, many companies realise the value of their seasonal and temporary staff and those temporary staff are treated as other staff in the company are. After all, if no training is provided, how can the company fully benefit from your efforts.

So Christmas jobs, as well as offering you the chance to pick up transferrable skills, can also offer you the chance to also gain some professional training and maybe even recognition for that. If temporary work is what you are interested in, the same company may even re-employ you each time they need staff to cover seasonal jobs. And if this is not the case, then at least you can take away with you the training you received and boost your CV for future job applications.

Your Christmas Job Could Become Your Permanent Job

Christmas jobs do not necessarily have to start and end with the festive season. If you are hoping for permanent work, your Christmas job could lead to this. Your employer might be looking for more permanent staff after New Year and if you stand out and impress your superiors whilst you are working in your temporary role, you could well be offered a contract.

Tips On What To Look Out For With Part Time Christmas Jobs

So, now you know what types of part time Christmas jobs might be out there, and you have seen some of the advantages that come with working over the festive season (and these advantages can be applied to other seasonal jobs), let’s take a look at some tips on how to land one of those temporary roles and what to look out for when you are applying.

Decide What Type Of Christmas Jobs You Want To Apply For

Rather than just sending off blanket applications for Christmas jobs as soon as you see companies are recruiting, first of all, have a think about what type of part time seasonal work you would like to do. Once you have decided that, then you can tailor your CV and any other application requirements to that type of job.

Even though it is temporary work, employers still want to know that you will be taking your Christmas job seriously and if you are just sending off blanket applications to multiple companies which show irrelevant information, employers will think you are not committed to working for their company.

Especially for Christmas jobs with national and international retailers, competition for Christmas jobs can be high. You want to give yourself the best possible chance of landing that role you really want so, dust off that CV that’s been sitting on your PC for so long and bring it right up to date.

Check Job Descriptions Carefully

It depends on your personal situation and the types of jobs you are applying for, but make sure you check job descriptions carefully to make sure you can commit to the requirements. For example, if you are a parent looking at returning to work after a taking time out for parenting, some Christmas jobs may require you to work Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Do you want to do this if you have excited children at home?

What If I Have No Previous Work Experience?

Just because you have no previous work experience does not mean you have nothing to offer employers when you are applying for Christmas jobs. If you are applying to local companies such as small businesses for temping jobs, you could introduce yourself in person or perhaps you already know the owner.

When applying for Christmas jobs with other companies, what you have to offer is your personality. Let this shine through in your application. Especially if you are working with the general public – many of whom are going to be feeling stressed in the run up to Christmas – show examples that demonstrate how cheerful and patient you are and also how confident you are in dealing with people.

Christmas jobs, other temping jobs and part time vacancies are often advertised on the UK Part Time Jobs website.