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Education & Childcare

About London

Perpetually competing with New York to be ranked as the number one global city in the world, London’s legacy of political, economic, and cultural centrality spans back to its ancient foundings under the Roman empire. Today Great Britain’s capital is the largest city in the EU, by population and GDP, making it an unparalleled destination for finding jobs in England and launching an international career. Regardless of your field of interest, opportunities to work abroad in London are available for everyone from the penniless artist to the global captain of industry.

About Education & Childcare

There’s plenty more to this sector than being a classroom teacher. 

As the training can be quite expensive, one of the main considerations is how you will fund it. The good news is that there are financial incentives to encourage graduates to teach shortage subjects such as biology and geography; chemistry; computing; languages; maths; physics.


8.7 million

Unemployment Rate

5.8 percent

Livability Survey

Ranked 7th

Part-time Education & Childcare Jobs in London




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