Financially doomed in a life of creativity. In the past, that was the image lots of people had about those with creative talents.

If you had a musical talent, well, you might make it as the next big rock star but you’re up against thousands of other talented musicians. It all looked like a life on the road for you, gigging in various pubs and clubs. If you had a talent for the written word, well you could try to get published or recognised. Other than that, it was scribbles at home and a part time job to keep you going.

Yes, for those who were the creative types, the image was either a poorly paid job or no job at all whilst chasing the big dream of success. Well, thankfully, all of that has changed over the years and, if you are creative and love to engage your imagination, there could be a whole host of part time creative jobs out there that you could apply your talents to. And what’s more, depending on your role, they could be quite lucrative, too.

For some part time creative jobs, you might need specific qualifications or experience, whilst for others, they could be entry level roles. Some of these types of roles are where you can think outside the box.

If you have been out of the workplace for a while because you have been starting a family or you had other commitments, you might be able to combine your creative talents with skills developed in your previous experience of the workplace and apply for part time creative jobs you might not have considered previously.

If you are thinking about creative jobs as a future full time career, then part time roles, both permanent and temporary, can help you begin a portfolio of your work so you can show off your creative skills and experience to potential future employers.

For some creative jobs, the good news for mums with young families who are looking for part time work, or for those of you with other commitments, is that flexible hours could be possible. Some roles also lend themselves to being able to work from home, too. Great, if you need to keep an eye on the children during school holidays. And, for some creative talents, roles that make use of this talent are often temporary. Ideal if you want to keep your options open and don’t want to commit to a permanent job.

Let’s take a look at some of the top part time creative jobs out there:

Part Time Creative Assistant Jobs

If you have always had a love for the theatre – attending musicals, operas, ballets, plays or other performances, a great creative part time job could be working as an assistant to the creative director. If you have experience of finance, marketing or administration, this could be a suitable part time job for you as you help to control finances as well as the promotion of your favourite artistic events. This type of creative part time job helps you combine your workplace skills with your passion.

Other duties of the creative assistant are to contribute ideas that will help to promote any events taking place through print and social media. In these cases, if you have a flair for writing, photography, Photoshop, social media or graphic design, you could apply these skills to this type of creative part time work.

Part Time Graphic Designer Jobs

Graphic designers are needed in all types of industries so if you are the creative type and you are looking to build your artistic or design skills through a digital platform, part time graphic design jobs could be perfect for you. It is often easier to find roles as a graphic designer if you have graphic design or creative qualifications and / or a portfolio of your work.

Some companies are also prepared to give training to the right candidates so if you have a genuine passion for this industry and a talent for it, you could take that route and work your way up from entry level to more senior roles.

Part Time Marketing Jobs

Creative jobs can also be in areas that you might not have considered before. Marketing, for example, requires lots of creativity; coming up with the best ways to promote products, services or events.

Part time marketing jobs could see you working with advertising agencies, design houses, suppliers and research companies.

Film And Video

A passion for the motion picture and a skill with a video camera could see you doing part time work in the film industry. This doesn’t necessarily need to be working on the next box office blockbuster. You could be doing one off events, every so often, filming special occasions such as weddings and prom nights. Or you might be creating training videos of workplaces. This type of part time creative work could be good for those of you looking to work flexible hours.

Part Time Writing Jobs

Being a writer doesn’t just mean writing a novel or set of poems and hoping for a miracle to get published and be the next J. K. Rowling. Of course, you can write that novel in your spare time but if you want to pay the bills, there are many types of part time writing jobs out there for the creative mind. Some part time writing jobs could also offer the opportunity to work from home some of the time.

Some of the writing jobs out there are copywriter, writing content for websites, journalism, blogging, creating effective social media posts, scriptwriting for plays, films or adverts.

Part Time Photography Jobs

If you can’t stand being separated from your camera and you can’t resist photographing the world around you, then part time photography jobs could be right up your street. You might be working at weddings and other important events but there are also other roles that could be possible. You could be doing flexible work, photographing hotels or grounds for specialist company brochures. Other part time photography jobs could be in zoos or theme parks, photographing guests.

Part Time Tour Guide Jobs

Got a flair for acting and an eagerness to perform in front of others? If you can remember your lines, tell a story and keep your audience captivated, part time tour guide jobs could suit you down to the ground. For some roles, you will even need to get into character with make-up and costume. A great way to exercise your thespian tendencies.

Part Time Food Industry Jobs

If you are creative and artistic and you have a love for food, then you could apply your creativity to the food industry. This could be part time jobs such as cake decorating. Working in bakeries and creating wedding cakes, birthday cakes and individual cupcakes, for example.

Some part time catering jobs could see you working at one off events, creating innovative and eye-catching buffet displays for exhibitions, corporate events and weddings.

Part Time Art Technician Jobs

Combine your love of art with passing on that enthusiasm to young people. This type of creative part time job could be ideal for parents who have children to look after. You will be working school hours and will have most of the school holidays at the same time as your children.

Art technicians are often employed by high schools to keep art areas tidy but also to help pupils organise their work and share ideas. Some art technicians get to work on special projects with pupils such as painting murals for the school.

Part Time Interior Design Jobs

Can you look at a vast empty room and visualise it filled with furniture, fabrics and colour? You could be working for individual clients, creating bespoke interiors or working for large companies such as hotel groups and restaurant chains, creating a look to match the image of the company.

Part Time Gardening Jobs

And if you prefer working outdoors rather than designing interiors, if you’ve got green fingers and think you could turn a boring outdoor space into something fit for purpose, part time gardening jobs could be perfect. Landscape design could be the perfect part time creative job for you.

Part Time Web Design Jobs

How often have you looked at a website and groaned at the state of it. Badly organised, the necessary information either not where you expect it to be or not there at all? A colour scheme that doesn’t match the company image. If you are IT savvy and creative to boot, part time web design jobs could be perfect for you.

Again, this is the type of part time job that could lend itself to working from home on occasion so working mums could fit it around family commitments.

Are Part Time Creative Jobs The Jobs For You?

Of course, these 11 suggestions for part time creative jobs are not the only roles out there where you could exercise that creative brain of yours. There are lots more you could consider.

Like we said, it’s all about thinking outside the box. It could be a part time job where you juıst want to work some flexible hours to get your foot in the door and get some experience of the workplace whilst bringing in some extra cash. If you are a mum who has taken time out to start a family and feels they could benefit from part time jobs, it could be some part time work to build your confidence again in the workplace, or the opportunity for a career change. Or it could be a foot in the door to a future full time career.

Whatever the case, if you have a portfolio, make sure it’s all up to date. Take a look at our tips for the best way to land part time jobs and start applying for part time creative jobs now. You could soon be on the way to an exciting and creative career.