Do you consider yourself a bit of a lazy bones? Or maybe friends and family tell you you’re lazy and you need to go out there and do something! Hey, you might even be proud of the fact that people call you lazy – because it’s not that you’re lazy. You just need to be chilled. What’s the point in rushing around everywhere, being stressed and working long hours that give you next to no home life or spare time?

Yes, that’s you. It’s not that you’re lazy, at all. You just feel there’s another way to go about things and work life balance is much more important to you than climbing a stressful career ladder. If there’s an easier, quicker way to do something, why make life difficult by going about it a different way? That’s your philosophy and you’re sticking to it.

But, you still need to earn some sort of living. You only want to work part time because you need that work life balance. Perhaps you’ve got children or elderly parents you want to spend time with. Or you might just like spending some chillout time alone and doing a bit of travelling. What types of part time jobs are out there for people like you? Let’s look at some part time job ideas for ‘lazy’ people.

Part Time Events Jobs

Wait a minute. Have we not said in the past that part time events jobs can be hard work and lots of hours? Well, yes, this is the case but the great thing about this type of work is it is flexible.

If it is work life balance you are looking for, then you could work for an events staffing agency. Depending on where you live in the UK, some staffing agencies do multiple events at any one time. You can regiğster wirth them and then let them know when you are available for work and when you are not.

For other part time events jobs, you might be working at a football club or other sporting arena. Your hours of work will be match days and perhaps any other events and conferences that the venue might be hosting. This could be weddings or exhibitions, for example. And let’s face it, if your dream life is to be at all the top sporting and musical events and festivals, well, this type of work can’t be all bad, can it.

Furniture Testing Jobs

Have you decided you are the type of person who is built for comfort? No desk job for you or running around on your feet all day. Well, did you know there are part time and full time jobs out there where you could be a furniture tester.

You know what a comfortable chair is because you have your own at home when you are settling down to watch films or the TV. Maybe you even have a reclining chair so you can lie back with your feet up. You want everyone else to be as comfortable as you are and you have comfort off to a fine art.

Furnitıure companies also want their customers to be comfortable when they buy their furniture. Who better than to test out the comfort level of this furniture than human beings. Some companies employ people to test new products for comfort and point out any issues – the arms of the chair could be too high, for example or too hard on the elbows. If you’re an expert in comfort and you could write a good report about the pros and cons of different pieces of furniture, then this could be a great job for you.

Flexible House Sitting Jobs

Other part time job ideas for lazy people could be house sitting jobs. The clue is in the title of the role, ‘sitting.’ And you can get to choose your hours. There are agencies you could sign up to where you can build a reputation as reliable sitter of houses. And, if you are also considering working with animals, you could combine this role by also pet sitting.

Many homeowners in the UK need to be away from home a lot. This could be due to work or family commitments elsewhere in the UK or abroad. You are the reliable person who can ‘live’ in their home for a while whilst they are away.

And what is even better is, you could be house sitting for wealthy business people or professionals. This is your chance to live in luxury accommodation for a while. If being in the same town or city all the time isn’t for you and you love to travel, well, this could be one of the ‘laziest’ ways to go about it.

Part Time Beer / Wine Tasting Jobs

Are you a beer boffin or a wine expert? Do you love being down the pub, chilling with friends or enjoying a tipple with your meal or whilst watching a film at home? How about helping out beer and wine companies by testing out their new offerings and offering feedback on them.

Part time jobs like this are not just about going along and saying, “Yeah, that tastes great,” or, “Oh, no thank you. That tastes awful.” Beers and wines are made with particular flavours, noses and textures. You need to be able to say whether they are present or not. If you’re not qualified in this, never fear because there are course you can do so that you can learn how to identify ingredients and noses and how to articulate this.

Once you can do this, the idea of getting paid to drink beer or taste wine on a part time basis could well become a reality.

Food Taster

From liquids to solids. Have you got a favourite food that you absolutely love to sit around munching your way through? It could be chocolate, ice cream, cakes, biscuits or savoury treats like crisps or nuts.

Whether it is famous household names or more local brands, these companies often employ people to taste their products before they are released on sale to the general public. This could be a great part time job for foodies but don’t forget, if you are having all those extra calories, you are going to have to get active and burn some of them off.

Food Critic

So, you are a real foodie who loves going to different pubs and restaurants trying out their latest offerings. If you have also got a passion for writing, then why not make money doing your two different things – becoming a food critic and writing about the food you eat. How nice to be able to get paid to eat in restaurants rather than it costing you all that money to dine there.

You need to be able to write about food, drink and restaurants in an entertaining way, of course, and some of what you say might even be controversial or amusing. If you have a background in catering or kitchen work, this could help you to write more informative reviews as you will have an idea of how the restaurant industry works.

Computer Games Tester

Is this why people say you are lazy – because you can sit around for hours on end playing different computer games? Do you love the graphics and the action? Are you good at getting right to the top level and communicating with others who are also playing the same games as you? Can you identify any flaws in the games you play or bugs?

If this is you, then why not do part time jobs getting paid to test new games as they come out? You might have to play a few games that are not your cup of tea but you are still being paid to sit down and work out the game. Is it too easy, too hard? Are there any things that you think need to be ironed out?

Once you have worked out the game and made notes on all the good points and the bad points, all you need to do is give your feedback back to the games company and they can work on any problems you have identified before putting the game on release to the public. A dream part time job for all you computer games addicts out there.

Part Time Data Entry Jobs

So far, we’ve looked at some part time jobs that might be considered to be slightly out of the norm. But part time jobs for lazy people can also be your more regular jobs, too. You want to earn money on a part time basis but you don’t want the stress of having to be a team leader, of having to answer phones or deal with customers.

In offices, there are often administrative jobs that the regular office staff will not have time to do. This can be duties such as filing or data entry. Often, companies will employ someone on a temporary basis or on a part time basis to put in all the details of their customers, clients or, in a medical setting, patients and medication.

Of you like the idea of just minding your own business and adding data into the required fields of data entry software then these can be simple ways of making a bit of extra cash without having to be too active. Some data entry jobs can even be done from home, meaning you don’t have to leave the house and take yourself off to the office.

Hotel Tester Jobs

Sleepy heads, this could be the perfect part time job for you. Did you know you could get paid to go to sleep in hotels? These jobs are usually one off temporary roles but getting paid to go to sleep in luxury is going to be a great option.

Luxury hotels charge their guests a lot of money for the privilege of using their facilities so they need to know that what they are offering is top notch. This is where you come in. You can get paid to stay in the hotel for at least one night. You are going to sleep there and investigate, test and make notes. Is the bed comfortable? What is the bed linen like? How are all the other facilities at the hotel?

Once you have completed your investigations and made notes, you will need to write a report to give back to the hotel owners. They’ll make a decision on whether or not they feel they should act on your recommendations and observations.


The beauty of being a translator is that, depending on the part time job you are doing, you might be able to pick and choose your hours. We have written in the past how to leverage your bilingual or multilingual skills to land part time jobs and, if regular hours are not your thing, working as a translator allows for a certain level of flexibility.

Translators can often work from home, for example, meaning you don’t have to commute or go and sit in an office. And, of course, it means you don’t have to look smart in your office gear. Who cares if you sit in your pyjamas all day, making yourself a cup of coffee whenever you feel like it.

Some part time translation jobs could be for local authorities or for legal firms and they might just call on you when your language skills are needed. You just need to make sure that whatever language you know, your grammar is up to scratch.

About Part Time Jobs For ‘Lazy’ People

There are lots of weird, wonderful, wacky and even sensible part time job ideas out there for lazy people and these are just some to get you started. And, of course, ‘lazy’ is a lighthearted term to use. You just feel that there is more to life than the 9 to 5 humdrum of office life. You feel there is more to life than chasing a career and working all those extra hours to get there.

If you can get by, doing as little as possible and with job satisfaction, too, then that’s what you are going to do. It’s not really about being lazy. It’s about using your skills and passions to find a part time job that gives you the finances and work life balance that you need.