Did you know that well over 300 languages are spoken in the United Kingdom? If you are looking for a part time job and you are someone with a second (or even more) language, have you considered making use of this skill to boost your chances of getting a position?

Or perhaps you are interested in learning a language to boost your chances of landing part time jobs. There are lots of different types of jobs out there for people with more than one language and they could prove both lucrative and rewarding.

Why Do You Know More Than One Language?

There are lots of reasons why people know and speak different languages.

  • Perhaps your country of birth is not in the UK and is a country that speaks a language other than English.
  • Maybe you were born in the UK but your parents are originally from a country that speaks a language other than English. Therefore, you know that language.
  • Maybe you are from a family that relocated a few times for work reasons and you have picked up different languages along the way.
  • Or you realised you enjoyed learning a new language at school and had a skill for it. Perhaps you went on to study this language in further or higher education or spent some time in that country getting to know the culture and surroundings as well as the daily colloquial language.
  • Or are you a hobby linguist? There are a few of you out there who just love to learn new languages, either teaching yourself at home or going to night school. This could be as a result of going on a holiday you particularly enjoyed and you want to be able to communicate further with people on your next visit.

Your Foreign Language Skills Are In Demand

We have written about the availability of part time jobs in sectors where there is a skills shortage in the past. Whatever the case for learning or knowing a second language other than your mother tongue, you have a skill that is in demand in many workplaces of the United Kingdom. If you are someone wanting to go out to work part time and you have a second language, you could be making your knowledge of a foreign language pay for you.

Of course, there are part time jobs for people with more than one language that are considered the obvious choices. These include working as a translator, an interpreter or a language teacher, for example.

But there are also lots of other options out there for bilingual and multilingual people – and there are also potential benefits, too. Your knowledge of a second or third language in the workplace can:

  • boost your chances of landing a part time jobs
  • can increase your chances of promotion
  • can give you leverage when discussing the possibility of a pay rise
  • can give you the opportunity to take on more varied tasks in the workplace

What If I Don’t Have Knowledge Of Another Language?

It’s never too late to learn. Don’t worry if you don’t have knowledge of a second or third language.

If you are a parent looking to get back into the workplace after taking time out to raise a family and you would like to go back to work part time, you could have come up against some of the issues raised in this article. Give your part time employment chances a boost by learning a new language. This could make your role more rewarding and meaningful and give your part time wage a boost, too.

If you are retired and looking do some part time work, using a second language could be a way of getting work, giving yourself a new challenge and learning about a new culture.

Depending on the types of part time work you are looking to do, you might need formal language qualifications. For other roles, however, conversational skills could be enough. And, depending on your situation, for paid courses, you might qualify for some financial assistance.

There are also lots of free language courses out there that you could take advantage of. These might be free university courses, night school courses or online courses, too. It could be a case of downloading an app and learning a word or phrase each day or you could do conversational courses where you are conversing with a native speaker of your chosen foreign language.

For parents who are looking for childcare options whilst they work part time, a great way to pick up a new language and learn about a different culture and way of life could be to take on an au pair. You could learn your new language together with your child.

The British Council, the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities, says Britain is facing a shortfall in people with foreign language skills and this is having a large impact on its trade performance. So why wait? Now could be the perfect time to take the plunge and start learning.

What Types Of Part Time Jobs Could I Do With My Second Language?

So, let’s say you’re now armed with the sought after skill of being able to speak more than one language. What are the types of part time jobs you could apply for where your other languages could boost your employability? Many industries look to employ people who understand other languages and you might be surprised by the options open to you.

Let’s take a look at some of the part time job ideas for multilinguals:

Hospitals and Health Facilities

People who need healthcare in the UK are not all from the same walks of life and often, patients who have little or no knowledge of the English language will find themselves in hospitals and other health facilities. They need to be able to explain their ailments and they also need to be able to understand explanations about their treatment from health professionals.

If you have knowledge of medical terms and explanations in another language, then you could work as a medical translator in healthcare facilities. As well as translating these medical terms, this type of part time work can also be very rewarding as you will be a source of comfort to the patient who could be feeling afraid or lonely.

Part Time Tour Guide

We have written about working as a tour guide in the past and you will find lots of useful tips in that article if you this could be the ideal type of part time work for you. If you can speak a foreign language, this will give your part time job prospects a boost.

Especially in cities like London, many foreign tourists are attracted to the sights and enjoy going on the various types of guided tours on offer. If you have a great memory for learning all the history around a particular area, and you have sound knowledge of a foreign language, you could lead groups of people whose language is the one you are using.

The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is a popular sector when it comes to people looking for part time jobs. Perhaps you have applied for roles in the past and not been offered the job. Having knowledge of one or more foreign languages can not only boost your chances of landing part time work but it can also help you gain positions of responsibility, too. You will be the person who can make the individual traveller’s trip all the more memorable.

Types of part time hospitality jobs where knowledge of a second language could boost your skills are:

  • Part time hotel jobs: These could be seasonal jobs where you are working with tourists or you might be working in a business environment where you are dealing with business visitors from all over the world. Front of house roles such as front office manager or concierge are roles where you could be making daily use of your language skills. Working as part of the waiting on team or bar team will also give you the opportunity to speak to customers in their native language or in a common language.
  • Part time events jobs: If you are eager to find work, dealing with attendees at some of the UK’s top events, then you can give your chances of landing a part time job by having knowledge of a foreign language.
  • Part time leisure jobs: If you already have skills such as fitness instructor qualifications, beauty therapist skills, then knowledge of another language is a definite bonus. Seasonal theme park jobs and activity centre jobs can also be on your agenda.

Customer Services

Your foreign language skills are certainly in demand in the customer service industry. And the good news is, if you are looking for part time customer service jobs, there should be opportunities in various sectors.

Any company that provides a service or a product wants to offer the best experience for its customers. Your ability to speak more than one language will mean access to a wider customer base for that company.


Yes, of course you could find part time teaching jobs where you could teach your foreign language to other students.

This could be in schools, further education or night schools, for example.

But there are also lots of other part time opportunities out there for multilinguals who think they might want to work in education. Part time education jobs where you and your foreign language could really make a difference could be:

  • Teaching assistant: There are schools all over the United Kingdom where children have little or no English and need extra support in the classroom to keep up with the curriculum and also to make new friends. If you speak their language, this can make them feel more comfortable in school.
  • Student counsellor/ Student guidance: This might be part time jobs in high schools or universities. Many universities actively recruit students from abroad and sometimes, these students can feel lonely or vulnerable when they first arrive. Having someone they can speak with in their own language can go a long way to help them settle into their new country and culture for the time they are at university.
  • International student recruitment: As we said in the point above, British universities recruit students from all over the world. If you speak a second language, you could be part of a team that recruits students from countries that use that language.

Part Time Human Resources Jobs

If you are qualified in Human Resources and are looking to get back into the role on a part time basis after a career break, then knowledge of a second language could really boost your chances of getting a job.

Construction companies, factories and manufacturing companies, for example, often recruit foreign workers to entry level and other roles. Your knowledge of their language can help applicants through the interview and induction process and you can be more sure that you are recruiting the most suitable people for the role.

Police Translator

If you are looking to work flexible hours and you have knowledge of a second language, you could find working with the police very rewarding. You can be called at any time and the hours will be very varied as your services will only be needed when you need to speak to someone with that language.

This could be helping police with questioning of a suspect, interviewing the victim of a crime or helping people to report a crime.

These are just some of the types of part time jobs you could do if you have knowledge of more than one language. And learning a second or third language could really boost your chances of landing a role. So, whatever level you are at, if you are looking for part time work, make sure to leverage your language skills by highlighting these in your application and pointing out to your potential employer how your skills could benefit their company.

Check out the latest part time job vacancies being advertised with UK Part Time Jobs and see if there is anything to suit you. Bring your CV right up to date with these top CV tips and you could be on the way to landing your dream part time job.