In years gone by, it was the dream of many workers to one day dream of retirement, lazing the days away in pure relaxation, tinkering in the garden or even moving away to the Spanish costas, sipping cold beers by the pool. Part time retirement jobs were never really part of the plan.

However, in the 21st Century, all that has changed. When the coalition government abolished compulsory retirement at age 65, and with life expectancy in the UK at 79 years old for men and 83 for women, lots of older people decided part time jobs, rather than full retirement, seemed like a great idea. And that trend is continuing. More and more older people are choosing to continue working. Why? Because they say there are lots of benefits to part time jobs in retirement.

So what are the possible benefits of part time jobs for retired people?

Part Time Retirement Jobs – The Benefits

Benefit 1 – Financial Benefits of Part Time Jobs in Retirement

Let’s begin with the obvious one. A part time job in your retirement is going to be of some financial benefit, isn’t it.

  • For some of you, part time jobs might be necessary because you have costs that your pension doesn’t cover.
  • If you are over state pension age, the good news is, your wages from your part time work will go further because you don’t need to pay National Insurance. That’s more money for you to play with. And don’t forget, too, you are still entitled to receive the National Minimum Wage.
  • Other financial benefits of part time retirement jobs could be purely for leisure. Life doesn’t stop just because you are older! The extra money from your part time work can give you the ability to travel. You can treat yourself to retail therapy and buy smarter clothing – splashing out where perhaps you might not have done without that job. You can eat out more often or not worry too much about the shopping bills. And, of course, if you have family and grandchildren, you can spoil them a bit more with extra treats.

Benefit 2 – A Retirement Job To Indulge Your Passion

A lot of people who work part time in retirement say it gives them the opportunity to indulge in their passion with the bonus of earning a bit of extra cash at the same time.

  • You might just love the work you have always done and have no intention of retiring just yet so you stay in that role on a part time basis.
  • You might be able to find part time retirement jobs that allow you to do something completely different.
  • And it’s not just about the money. Volunteer work can offer many opportunities to do something you are passionate about – and you are also giving back, too.

Benefit 3 – Part Time Jobs In Retirement Mean You Meet Different People

Once retired, some older people start to feel a bit isolated or lonely. There might be a club for pensioners local to you but perhaps you feel you still want to meet lots of people of other ages and backgrounds, too. And they might like to meet you, too! Part time retirement jobs mean you will meet new people in your workplace and, if you’re working in retail or other jobs with customers, you will meet and chat with members of the general public, too.

Benefit 4 – Part Time Retirement Jobs Can Keep You Mentally And Physically Active And Healthy

For many older people, you just cannot imagine not working. Work is the thing that keeps you going. The thing that gives you a reason to get up in the morning. Work keeps you stimulated and is an essential part of your well being. Just because you are an older person, doesn’t mean you have to sit in a chair all day in front of the TV, doing nothing.

You have still got a life to live and that could be by doing part time office jobs, retail work or taking advantage of outdoor opportunities such as volunteering or gardening for others. Some of you might even want to do this as your own business, being your own boss rather than working for someone else.

Benefit 5 – You Can Change Young People’s Perception Of Older People

A further benefit of part time work during your retirement years is that you can do your bit for the image of older people. When you are working, you are going to be with people of all ages; many of them are more likely to be younger than you.

You have got work experience but you have also got life experience and therefore you are going to bring something completely different to the table of any workplace. Many companies benefit from diversity in the workplace.

Benefit 6 – Part Time Retirement Jobs With Travel Opportunities

We mentioned above about the financial benefits of part time retirement jobs and how these can give you the funds to travel. If travel is your thing, though, you could find part time work that requires you to travel around. Work part time and see more of the United Kingdom whilst doing so.

Benefit 7 – Part Time Jobs In Retirement Can Give You The Opportunity To Share Your Experience With Younger People

Depending on the type of role you are doing, your part time job could involve helping young people to develop. This could be in a role where younger people need training or support; a position where you are able to mentor younger staff who are struggling in their role or who are unfamiliar with life in the workplace.

Other part time retirement positions could be working directly with younger people. This could be voluntary work with youth groups, for example. A role where are giving back to the community and supporting its future, too.

Benefit 8 – Working Part Time In Retirement Can Boost Your Social Life

Lots of older people have family and friends to keep them busy during retirement but that’s not the case for everyone. A part time retirement job means you can make new friends in the workplace and, from that, further opportunities can arise. You might want to join clubs and societies that are part of your workplace – running or hiking clubs, for example. You might discover new hobbies as a result of your part time job and this can spur you on to pursue that, making more new friends as you go.

And then, of course, there’s the more informal type of socialising. Your part time retirement job can lead to invitations from colleagues to go to dinner parties at their home or just a couple of drinks in the the local pub after work.

Benefit 9 – Part Time Retirement Jobs Can Be Flexible Hours

Of course, if you are an older person with children and grandchildren, you are going to want to spend a good chunk of your free time enjoying the special moments with them. But lots of older people also want to stay in work – it gives them the opportunity to wear a different head and be someone other than mum, dad, grandma or grandad.

If you have your own business, you can choose the part time hours you want to work but, these days, there are also lots of other roles out there that will require you to work flexible part time hours during your retirement. It might just be a few hours at weekends or it could be temporary roles such as working at events.

Also, more and more employers are introducing flexible hours into their workplaces so you could benefit from this. If you don’t want to to leave the position you are already working in, perhaps your employer could allow you to work on a part time flexible basis. That means you get time with the grandchildren and you still get to work, too.

Benefit 10 – Part time Retirement Jobs Give You An Identity

When you retire, you don’t want to be just considered as an OAP. Well, for starters, you might not even consider yourself old and you certainly don’t feel ready to be put out to pasture! Part time retirement jobs give you an identity other than that of OAP and they give you a reason to get out of bed and continue to contribute to the economy and to society.

Who says you are finished just because you have reached traditional retirement age? Your age is just a number and if you still feel fit enough to go out there and do part time jobs, whatever the role, then why not continue being the local plumber, gardener or financial advisor.

Benefit 11 – Part Time Retirement Jobs Ease The Need For Planning Ahead

There is much in the news, these days, about how young people need to plan ahead for their retirement so that they have enough funds to keep themselves. Maybe you have already planned ahead or maybe you have always had health on your side and have never had any intention of stopping work.

Part time retirement jobs mean you don’t have to plan too far ahead for your retirement. If you own your own company, for example, you can still work a few hours each week to keep the funds coming in without relying on pension provisions.

Are You Looking For Part Time Retirement Jobs?

There are lots of reasons for older people wanting to work part time during what should be their retirement and, as you can see, lots of benefits to this, too. If you think part time work – paid or voluntary – could give you the boost you need during your retirement, take a look at some of the roles on offer in your area.