Part time staff are outperforming full time workers according to new research from the Working Families charity organisation.

The UK’s work-life balance charity’s 2018 Top Employers report featured data from over 600,000 staff working full and part time in both the public and private sectors.

The report’s findings include evidence that the companies and organisations studied by Working Families awarded top performance ratings to 34 per cent of part time or flexible staff. The same figure across both full and part time staff fell to just 14 per cent according to the charities’ figures.

The 2018 Top Employers report also found that almost 7 in 10 organisations (68 per cent) offer flexible work options from day one of their contract. Indeed, over 1 in 3 companies and organisations said they advertised new roles with flexible work options in their job ads.

Commenting on the report’s findings, the chief executive of Working Families, Jane van Zyl, said: “This year’s benchmark shows that Working Families’ member organisations are getting the most out of their part-time and reduced-hours workers in terms of performance, demonstrating that working ‘differently’ is not only good for working parents and carers but also good for business.”

“For parents, being able to start work on a flexible basis is crucial. Our members are working to ensure flexibility from the start by advertising roles that can be done on a flexible basis and allowing employees to make a flexible working request from day one.”

“Effective management of flexibility is crucial to maximise the benefits. Managers need the tools to help them manage the many different forms flexible working arrangements can take,” added Ms van Zyl.

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