New research shows that more than 4 in 5 UK women think that flexible jobs are more attractive than traditional jobs which have fixed or rigid hours.

The findings, carried out by conference call service provider Powwownow, reveal that 81 per cent of the female workforce in the UK say that some form of flexible working would make them more likely to take the job.

Furthermore, 45 per cent of women said that they ‘strongly agree’ that jobs which offer flexible working would be more appealing.

Men also heavily favoured flexible jobs, but not as much as women – with only 69 per cent of the male UK workforce saying that flexible hours would make a position more appealing.

Age also seems to be a big factor in the survey, with fewer than half of workers aged over 55 craving flexible work, compared to 7 in 10 employees within the Millennial age demographic.

Overall, the number of people saying that they would like the option of flexible work has risen by five per cent in the last year, from 70 per cent twelve months ago to 75 per cent in this latest research.

Indeed, to put it the importance of flexible working to employees into perspective, almost 1 in 3 respondents to the survey said they would take more flexibility in exchange for a pay rise.

Commenting on the research, the Managing Director of Powwownow, Jason Downes, said, “Today’s employees are looking for a work-life balance where their career and personal life complement and support each other. With over 40% of workers indicating they don’t have time for friends and family, it’s clear that employers need to be doing more to support their employees and promote flexible working policies within their organisation.”

“Businesses who want to attract and motivate the best talent need to recognise that in an increasingly busy digital world, where managing work-life balance is more complex, flexible working is a key consideration for employees applying for a new role,” added Mr Downes.

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