Introduction To Part Time Jobs

There are many reasons why people look for part time jobs in the UK and we’ll look at some of those reasons throughout this article. For many people, they either do not want to work full time any more or, due to other demands, they are unable to commit themselves to full time jobs and careers.

UK part time jobs can be no less rewarding than full time jobs. They can be used as a stepping stone for those of you looking for entry level jobs to build up some work experience or to dip your toes into a new field of work, or part time hours can be an option if you are looking to continue your career but you want to work less hours. And the good news is, as a part time worker, you still have the same workplace rights as your full time colleagues. Yes, you might not be taking as much home at the end of each month but there is much more to part time jobs than the wage packet. Let’s have a look at some reasons why you might consider part time jobs.

Why should I get a part time job? I can get more money by claiming benefits!

There’s no argument there. Depending on your individual situation, many people could pull in more money each month by claiming state benefits rather than taking on some casual work or other types of part time jobs. Perhaps you think your friends are being taken for mugs by working part time when they, too, could be claiming the same state benefits – why work for your money when you are entitled to those benefits. And yes, you might prefer to sit at home and wait for that dream job to materialise rather than going out to work at what you would consider to be more menial jobs than perhaps you are qualified for.

But there’s more to it than that. Many types of part time jobs are not necessarily a fixed number of hours each week and, indeed, many workers on contracts with a set number of hours end up working far more hours than the ones stated. Of course, you need to have the flexibility to be able to work more hours as and when, but the more hours you work, the more money you can earn and this wage can soon build up to start far outstripping your state benefits. Part time jobs where this flexibility can prove advantageous are roles such as supermarket jobs and other retail work, or maybe distribution and other warehouse jobs. These are the types of roles where you could be asked to work extra hours at busy times such as weekends and evenings when many customers are doing their shopping. And then there are the busy seasonal periods, too, where you could pick up extra hours such as Christmas, summer or Easter.

There is a whole host of part time jobs available via UK Part Time Jobs, from part time bar jobs, catering jobs and supermarket jobs to retail jobs and careers and events jobs. Like we said, just because it’s part time doesn’t mean you can’t find something rewarding.

Part Time Jobs Can Give You Flexibility If You Have Commitments

Many of us have commitments and demands on our time that mean we are either unable, or it would be very difficult for us to hold down full time jobs and careers. These commitments can take on many forms:

  • Childcare Responsibilities. Maybe you have children to look after and need to work hours around their schooling so that you can drop them off and pick them up from school or be at home when they are at home.
  • Caring Responsibilities. Some of you may only be able to work in part time jobs because you are a carer for a member of your family. For carers and those with children, job share contracts could prove very useful, if you are looking to continue to develop your career, for example and work a set number of hours.
  • Study commitments. Whatever your age, being a student these days is not cheap. Part time jobs and holiday jobs such as seasonal work can help to replenish funds and also give you a break from the books.
  • Going self-employed. Many of us like the idea of setting up our own business and going self-employed. Businesses don’t always take off straight away so part time jobs can help keep funds going until the time comes for your new venture to be the success you want it to be. Or your new business might just be a sideline hobby and you like the idea of remaining in a more steady part time job while you enjoy your hobby, too.
  • Addressing work life balance. For lots of reasons, some people decide that full time jobs and careers are just too much and the time has come to make the effort to do the things they really want to do rather than working 40 + hours per week. Whether it’s continuing a career path or taking a completely different direction, part time jobs can give income and fulfilment whilst giving you the opportunity to do those things you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Term time working. Some part time jobs can be term time working where your boss can arrange hours and cover so that you can work fewer or even no hours throughout the school holidays.

Part Time Jobs Can Fill In Gaping CV Gaps

Don’t forget that when you are trying to get jobs, whether part time or full time, your future potential employer is going to want to see what you’ve been up to in the past. They want to see you have been proactive and are keen to work for them as an effective and valuable member of the team. Are you that proactive person with evidence of work experience on your CV or are you the person who didn’t do anything about getting experience of the workplace? Unless you have genuine reasons for not being in a position to go out to work, it’s not going to look impressive on your CV when you have a big empty space where you should have been listing your achievements at work.

Show evidence of transferable skills

And when it comes to trying to make your CV look a bit more impressive than it was previously so that you land your dream job in the future, part time jobs don’t necessarily have to be in the field you are hoping to get into. Whatever type of part time jobs you are doing, you will be developing transferable skills that you can take with you in your future career. Perhaps you have shown good leadership qualities are you are a really effective team worker as a result of part time jobs or seasonal work. Timekeeping, decision making and working under pressure are all the types of skills you could develop while working part time and if you can demonstrate these on your CV, future employers have something to go on when they are considering you as a potential candidate for a role.

Not everyone is completely confident when completing their CV so if you need a few pointers about how best to present your CV when applying for part time jobs, take a look at our top tips for part time job CVs.

Part Time Jobs Can Be Good For You Self-esteem

Rather than being at home, getting fed up and wondering where you are going with your life, taking on part time work can do wonders for improving your self-esteem. There’s a sense of achievement in working throughout the week or month and then receiving your wage slip which shows what you’ve earned. But don’t forget, like we said above, working part time is not just about earning money.

There’s also a sense of achievement in learning new things in your part time job. This can be through training – where you might even be awarded recognised qualifications, certificates or ‘stripes’ to show your experience in the workplace – or it can be just the mastering of general day to day tasks that help you carry our your job effectively.

And if you are thinking you need to be working full time to get access to training and development, then you’ll be pleased to to learn that part time jobs do not mean you should be treated any differently to staff on full time contracts. In the UK, those working part time have the same rights in the workplace as full time staff so all the opportunities a company provides are open to you. You will have access to all training offered by the company and also paid holiday entitlement and sick leave.

When it comes to training and courses, use these staff development opportunities to learn. With new technologies developing all the time in all walks of life, the workplace is a fast changing world and if you are there, in the thick of it, it could lead to a successful career in the future if that’s what you are looking for. This could be a career elsewhere or you may find you really enjoy your role where you are and so you can develop this further. For example, many students who take on part time jobs while they are studying at university choose to stay on where they are and move into management when they graduate. Part time jobs can also help young people decide if they would like to commit to an apprenticeship and gain formal qualifications.

Part Time Jobs Mean You Can Meet Different People

Working in part time jobs mean you get to meet people from all walks of life. If you are doing the types of job where you are working with the general public, obviously, you will meet more of these people. However, even in a workplace where you are with your workmates, you will come into contact with lots of people you perhaps wouldn’t have met in other situations. Some of these people can even become friends where you could start socialising together outside of work. This can be a catalyst effect where you might be introduced to new situations and develop other interests.

Whatever your situation that has brought you to considering taking on part time jobs, your work can give you that opportunity – maybe even a refreshing break – where you can wear a ‘different head’ for a number of hours each week and spend time with new found friends and workmates. Indeed, it might seem weird to think of it like this but part time jobs could become a bit of a haven for you; a way of relaxing and taking time out from other areas of your life.

Find Part Time Jobs

We know it’s not always easy to get out there and go on the hunt for UK part time jobs in your area so why not sign up to UK Part Time Jobs so that you can have access to our unique features as well as searching for vacancies? There are many top companies who advertise seasonal jobs and part time job vacancies with us. Here are some of our featured employers to give you a taster. And if you’ve applied for part time jobs in the past but are having no joy, it could be time to take some advice on board. Have you read our article about the best way to land part time jobs? And if you get through the application process but then find you are always having trouble getting through that dreaded interview stage, here are some tips on how to shine in part time job interviews.

So there you have it; reasons for getting part time jobs. And UK Part Time Jobs could be advertising the perfect role for you, right now.