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About Birmingham

Birmingham: not only is it the hometown of Ozzy Osbourne – and therefore heavy metal – but it’s also home to another estimated 1,085,400 people, making it the most populated city in the UK outside London. Clearly, there must be a lot of good things going on to keep that many citizens living and working in the capital of the Midlands… so let’s find out what they are.

About HR & Recruitment

The HR (Human Resources) industry has undergone a significant transformation and long gone are the days when it was thought to play little more than an administrative function within a business. A career in HR brings with it multiple opportunities for variety and career progression.

With organisations becoming increasingly aware of the need to attract and retain the best people for their workforce, along with the somewhat complex nature of employee welfare and employment law, employers are constantly seeking skilled additions to their HR team.


1.1 million

Unemployment Rate

10.3 percent

Most Liveable in UK

Ranked 10th

Part Time Jobs in Birmingham



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