Introduction To Campsite Assistant and Caravan Park Warden Jobs

The idea of working outdoors is certainly not for everyone but there are those of us out there who would much prefer doing part time outdoor jobs over being cooped up in an office, factory, warehouse or other places of work.

Obviously, summertime, when the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the birds are singing in the trees is the time when thoughts of part time outdoor jobs seem really appealing. Cold, wet winter days and dark mornings might not seem so appealing to some and so part time temporary summer jobs are the ones that pique the imagination. And the good news is, there are lots of types of seasonal, outdoor summer jobs out there. One such job is that of working as a site warden or holiday park assistant on campsites and caravan parks.

Are holiday site assistant jobs something you have ever thought about? They’re not for everyone – for example, some holiday sites will require you to live in – but for those looking for an outdoor part time job that is hard work but fun and fulfilling, and that is a little bit out of the ordinary, this role could suit you down to the ground.

Let’s take a look in more detail about seasonal holiday site assistant jobs and what they entail.

How Do I Become A Warden Or Site Assistant?

Well, if you love the idea of working as a warden or holiday site assistant, you need to have a genuine passion for camping and caravanning and you need to be able to demonstrate this. If you are able to commit to the seasonal work pattern, you aren’t scared of a bit of hard but rewarding work and your enthusiasm shines through, then you can apply for entry level site assistant and caravan park warden jobs.

For some roles, you might need to be an existing and active member of one of the national camping or caravanning clubs but there could also be outdoor seasonal work available on independent sites.

What Are The Duties Of A Holiday Park Warden Or Site Assistant?

When you work as a caravan park warden or site assistant, it depends on the size of the site you are working in but one thing is for certain, you will never be bored when doing this type of seasonal work. Seasonal part time wardens and site assistants need to be able to turn their hand to a variety of tasks and no two days are going to be the same. Whichever tasks you are carrying out, they are all duties that contribute towards maintaining high standards on the site you are working at, ensuring campers and caravaners return year on year.

Let’s take a look at some of the tasks that might be required of you as a site assistant or warden:

  • Toilet and shower block cleaning – yes, that duty is probably not the most glamorous aspect of caravan park warden jobs but it is very important. Clean toilets and shower blocks are highly valued by site guests and are an essential part of maintaining high standards on the site.
  • Site cleaning – Campers and caravanners want a relaxed and enjoyable holiday on a safe sites so seasonal assistant warden jobs will require you to keep the outdoor areas free from litter and other debris.
  • Overnight security patrols – Some holiday park arden jobs may require you to work through the night, patrolling the site every few hours or so. This makes guests feel safe and also acts as a visual deterrent for anyone who might be thinking of entering the site unauthorised.
  • Work within health and safety guidelines – Camping and caravan park warden jobs will require you work within health and safety guidelines. Each site will have its own guidelines and you should receive an induction on these so that you are aware of them.
  • Maintenance duties – Seasonal work on campsites and caravan parks will require you to carry out daily maintenance work to ensure the smooth running of the holiday park. This can be minor jobs such as changing bulbs for the lighting of public areas, repairing fences and touching up paintwork.
  • Administrative tasks – Campsite and caravan park wardens are not permanently outdoors. The effective running of a campsite requires guests to be registered, monies to be collected, bills to be paid. Wardens need to be computer literate and able to work with whatever systems the holiday park uses to carry out its administrative duties.
  • Communicating with guests – Camping and caravan park guests will always require your help for all sorts of different reasons – directions to different areas of the site, information about site rules and regulations, tips about what to do and where to go in the area. Camping and caravan park warden jobs will require you to be confident and friendly with guests to that they get the most out of their holiday park experience. Sometimes, you might also need to deal with guests who are behaving inappropriately on the site, too.
  • Work as a team and independently – Depending on the size of the campsite or holiday park, you could be working as part of a team of assistant wardens.On other holiday parks, you could be working independently, answerable only to the site manager. Seasonal caravan park warden jobs will mean you have to work effectively as part of a team on some occasions, whilst on other occasions, you will have to use your own initiative and take action independently.

These are just some of the duties you will do if you work as a campsite or caravan park warden. Other roles might require you to wear different heads and you could be working behind onsite bar, for example, on some evenings. Again, this depends on the size of the site and the nature of your role.

Who Becomes A Holiday Park Warden Or Site Assistant?

Seasonal site warden jobs are for practical and friendly people

Those who become camping and caravan park wardens are the type of people who like to be hands on, dealing with both maintenance and administrative issues to do with the park whilst also enjoying the company of guests staying on the site.

Campsite and caravan park warden jobs suit those who are physically fit

As we said above, seasonal outdoor work on caravan and camping sites as a warden will often see you carrying out general maintenance jobs so that the site continues to run smoothly. This can involve lifting and climbing and well as handling heavy machinery.

Site assistant and caravan park warden jobs are for those who love caravaning and camping

Obviously, you are going to be the type of person who loves caravaning and camping holidays, too, as opposed to luxury hotel holidays. This will help you communicate more effectively with guests and, if you are living on the job, your accommodation will usually be a caravan; either your own or one provided by the site.

Caravan park warden jobs and site assistant roles are more than just part time seasonal work. Even when are you are not officially on duty, you will still be a part of the site and may have to deal with customer requests or help people out. If you live and breathe caravanning and camping, then this type of part time outdoor work could be your perfect career as you earn a wage and get fulfilment from your role.

Caravan park warden jobs are often suitable for couples

If you are travelling with a partner or you have a partner and you are looking to do some seasonal work away from home, seasonal caravan park warden jobs and campsite jobs are attractive because many of them will accept applications from couples. This can either be as a job share where you share the hours and the salary between you, or you will each receive a wage. This depends on the nature of the role and the size of the caravan park or campsite.

Camping and caravan park warden jobs can suit people who live locally

If you live close to a camping and caravan park and would like to work part time throughout the site’s summer season, then not all jobs require you to live in and work on a full time basis throughout the season. Some holiday park warden jobs can be as support or relief staff, working a few hours a week to help out the regular wardens and management.

This type of relief work could suit students or parents with young children who are looking to work a few hours a week to earn some extra cash.

Where Do Holiday Park Wardens Or Site Assistants Work?

Holiday park warden and site assistant jobs are often on campsites and caravan parks or even sites where the accommodation is a permanent structure such as wooden cabins. If you are familiar with the United Kingdom’s sites, you will know that this type of seasonal outdoor part time work is not going to suit someone who wants to be in the thick of the action in city centres.

Part time holiday park warden and site assistant are likely to be in small towns and rural areas around the United Kingdom. Some roles could be in very remote places where you will more than likely live on the job. This will really suit those of you who like to escape and get away from it all.

Other holiday park warden jobs could be on sites that are in coastal areas. Again, this could be a remote coastal area where guests like to go trekking or relaxing around the site. Other part time warden roles in coastal areas could see you on large sites that are aimed at families who want to holiday in resort areas with lots of activities for both children and adults.

You could be working for large national companies and charities such as the Caravan Club or the National Trust or you might be working for independent parks and campsites.

Wherever you are based and whoever you are working for, your seasonal holiday park warden job could mean you have the daily pleasure of enjoying unrivalled views of mountains, coastal scenery, valleys or picturesque villages. Yes, you will be working hard but if you love the outdoors, then Great Britain’s scenic destinations are an added bonus to this type of work.

Entry Requirements and Future Progression For Site Assistants

Campsite and caravan park warden jobs are not just part time roles that are a dead end job. We have written in the past about making a career from part time work and working on campsites and caravan parks during summer seasons is no different.

Entry level jobs can be working outdoors as a site assistant or assistant warden. This is where you will learn all about what is required to run a site by carrying out the duties mentioned above. Those with a genuine love of camping and / or caravanning return year after year to work either on the same site or elsewhere in the United Kingdom. The beauty of this job is that you can move around and see different parts of the UK.

When you have enough experience, if you are looking to make a career from outdoor seasonal work on the UK’s campsites and holiday parks, you could eventually become head warden and even site managers where you will be responsible for the smooth running of the park and also heading your team of staff.

So, are seasonal outdoor jobs on caravan and camping sites something that is right up your streets? UK Part Time Jobs advertises lots of outdoor roles, seasonal work and other part time opportunities on the website. If you are looking to work part time, sort out your CV, read our tips about how to land part time jobs, take a look to see what’s on offer and you could soon be earning some extra income and, if you want to, even embark on a whole new career.