It’s not just a year that has come to an end. We are, of course, at the end of another decade. Over the last year, however, we have looked at various issues, tips and ideas around the world of part time jobs.

If you read this blog a lot, it could be because you are job hunting, in the market for part time work.

  • Some of you might already be in part time work and you are thinking about changing your job.
  • For others of you, you might have been out of the workplace for a while because you have started a family or for other reasons. You are looking to break back into the world of work by getting a part time job.
  • You might have a stressful, full time career and you think part time work will give you a better work life balance with more time for family, friends and hobbies.
  • You might want to start your own business and working part time will give you an income whilst you get that business off the ground.
  • You want to hold down two or more part time jobs because you enjoy the variety they offer; giving you the opportunity to wear ‘different heads.’

There are so many reasons for people wanting, or needing, to work part time – you could probably add some of your own examples to this list. Whatever those reasons, the articles on the UK Part Time Jobs blog offer lots of tips. Here’s what we covered throughout 2019.

How To Survive Redundancy And Make It An Advantage

For many people, redundancy can be a terrible experience. The worry of trying to find a new job, coping financially whilst you find a new job and, perhaps, feeling demoralised or even depressed.

This can especially be the case if you are being made redundant from a job that you have had for many years and the thought of starting all over again, doing something new, seems overwhelming.

Our first article of 2019 was all about surviving redundancy and even taking advantage of it.

Thirteen practical tips about what to do should you find you are about to be made redundant. From the power of positive thinking and harnessing the power of exercise to getting your finances in order and organising your job search.

You could even use redundancy to make a change in direction and embark on a whole new career.

Good Work Habits For Success In Your Part Time Job

Do you want to be successful in your part time job? In this article about good work habits, we give you 11 practical tips that can work towards making you successful in your part time job.

Being successful in your part time job is not just about completing your daily tasks at work. It is also about being part of the team and being visible in the workplace for all the right reasons.

  • If you are someone who is prone to procrastination or you are someone who struggles to remain on task when there are other things going on around you, remove your distractions so that you can complete tasks.
  • As for being part of the team, there are tips in the article about what you can do to be helpful in the workplace and remaining positive when there are challenges to be faced. Being sociable is also key to being a team player.
  • If you have ideas about promotion in the future, there are also tips about working under your own initiative, showing good time management skills and also displaying your leadership skills. Looking the part is also critical to leading by example.

Being Healthy And Active In Your Part Time Job

As we head into the 2020s, more workplaces could start to place more emphasis on the importance of being healthy and active in your job. For some roles where you might be on your feet a lot or lifting and carrying objects, remaining active and keeping fit can be a part of your role. When you have a desk job, however, remaining active can be difficult.

Our article about the importance of being healthy and active in your part time desk job gives practical tips about strategies you can use so that you are not diversely affecting your health whilst you are at work.

  • Having a sedentary lifestyle, whether in your part time job or a home, can be detrimental to your health so the article contains tips about how to keep moving around on a regular basis.
  • The foods we eat and the amount of fluids you drink is also important.
  • Good posture is important in a desk job in order to prevent back and shoulder pain that can become chronic if not kept in check.
  • Looking after your health in your desk job can also be good for your health when you are outside of work so it’s worth taking heed of the tips in the article.

The Pros And Cons Of Doing Job Share

Have you ever thought about doing job share? If you are not sure what job sharing involves or you want to know the pros and cons of job sharing, then this is the article you need to read.

Job share is where one full time position is shared between , most commonly – two people. It can be really useful in lots of ways. For example, it can be a useful way to continue in your professional career if you need to go to a situation of working on a part time basis. If you have started a family or you are a carer, for example, you could try to get a job share that fits around this.

Of course, you can also use your job share situation to retrain, upskill or just enjoy the extra leisure time.

With advantages also come disadvantages so if you do want to think about doing job share, be sure top read our article first so that you can consider your possibilities and make a more informed decision.

How To Deal With An Annoying Boss

Even if you are working part time hours an annoying boss can still become very annoying. Our article about dealing with your annoying boss gives some tips to help manage your situation so that jumping ship and moving onto pastures new is just the last resort.

Jumping ship is tip number 12. So you have 11 other strategies you can employ that makes your time at work happier and more acceptable.

Some bosses can be annoying due to a personality clash but, obviously, there could be cases where the situation is more serious and you could be experiencing bullying or discrimination, for example. It is down to you to decide your circumstances and the appropriate action to take.

The Pros And Cons Of Changing Your Job

Have you had enough of your current part time – or even full time – job and are thinking about handing in your notice and trying something new? This can be a dream move for you but there could also be some drawbacks to consider.

Before you jump ship for pastures new, be sure to read our article about the pros and cons of changing your part time job.

Pros could include such temptations as a higher salary or a promotion. It can help you to feel like you are making a fresh start and enjoying new experiences. If it’s a new company you are going to, you can say you were there from the beginning helping to get it off the ground.

Other pros might be a reduction in commuting time and more flexibility to spend time with family and friends.

Before you launch into your new part time career, however, consider the cons such as being the new kis on the block. Are you ready to be the new person, getting to know a company and its team of staff right from scratch? Also, make sure the actual job is going to be what is promised in the vacancy ad.

Part Time Job Ideas For Foodies

And when you do decide to change your part time job, it could be a great move to change it to the type of job where you can really indulge your passion by doing the type of work in a field that you love.

There are lots of tips on UK Part Jobs for the different types of jobs you could do whilst indulging a particular passion. In 2019, we gave you some top part time job ideas for those of you who love all things foodie.

If you are a foodie, then you could do part time jobs where you are actually working directly with food in kitchens or other catering situations. But for those of you with a passion for food – but perhaps you just enjoy eating other people’s food rather than making your own – there are also other part time job ideas in the article where you can indulge your passion.

Are You Working In A Toxic Workplace

This is not about working with hazardous substances but rather an article about recognising whether or not you are working amongst toxic people. Being able to spot the clues that you are in a toxic workplace will give you the tools to be able to deal with your situation.

Our article tells you how to spot those signs and gives you some strategies for surviving – or dealing with – what is happening.

A toxic workplace can stem from a lack of effective leadership you might feel pressured not to do as much wo9rk as you are doing by your peers. You might feel like you are being bullied but no one is doing anything about it. Perhaps there is no real brief about projects you are working on. Gossip and sickness might be rife in your workplace.

Know what to do in these situations by reading our article.

How To Change Career Successfully

As mentioned above, in 2019, we pointed out the pros and cons of changing your job. Well, if you do decide to change your job and make a fresh start, read our guide on how to change career successfully.

We give you 9 steps to work through so that you can make the best of your career change and make the right decisions along the way.

If you are changing direction completely, for example, with your career, you will need to be prepared for rejection and you might also need to take a pay cut. But your perseverance can mean a whole new and rewarding way to earn your salary.

The Benefits Of Volunteering

Not everyone is in a position to be able to volunteer, but if you are, there are lots of benefits to this way of spending your time. Our article about the benefits of volunteering gives you 16 different ideas to convince you of the advantages.

And it needn’t take up many hours of your time. Volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes and it can be a case of spending an hour or so, every so often, online and helping out with social media or emails, or you might want to be out there, physically helping for a few hours each day.

Whatever the case, volunteering can be a great boost for your self esteem and could help you in any career change.

Onwards To 2020…

Are you going to be looking for a new part time job in 2020? We’ll have lots more advice for you in the coming year and into the new decade. We will also be advertising lots of part time vacancies which could be in your area and a perfect match for what you are looking for.

Get 2020 off to a flying start by taking a look at the thousands of current part time vacancies being advertised by employers all around the UK. You could soon be doing your ideal part time job!