Would you describe yourself as an introvert or an extrovert? Have you even thought about it, for that matter? If you are introverted and you are looking for part time work, there are jobs out there that will suit you more than others; not just because of your qualifications and experience but also because of the type of person you are. In this article, we are going to look at the best part time jobs for introverts.

First of all, though, if you’re not sure how you would describe yourself, let’s take a look at what traits make you an introvert.

What Is An Introvert?

There are lots of misconceptions about all the introverts out there. Introverts are shy or not confident in the company in others. That is not the case. You can still be an introvert and be a confident person. Being perfectly comfortable in your own company and being shy and avoiding company are two different things.

As human beings, we can’t all be completely pigeon-holed with our personalities to keep everything neat and tidy. As an introvert, you are very likely to have some traits of the extrovert about you and vice versa. But generally, if you are nodding your head at the traits below, you are likely to be an introvert and the list of part time job ideas below may well suit your personality more than others.

You could be an introvert if:

  • You are generally happy in your own company
  • You have a small group of friends rather than many friends and acquaintances
  • People think you are being quiet or reserved when you are out socialising. Actually, you might just be good at listening to what they have to say.
  • Being around lots of people all the time drains your energy and you feel the need to leave that behind occasionally to recharge the batteries. Whilst extroverts feed off being around large groups as much as possible, you like the return to occasional solitude.
  • You are self-aware. And being self aware can be a big strength in particularly types of work and workplaces. A self aware person has a good judgement of their own character. You know where your strengths lie and you are aware of your weaknesses and that’s fine by you because you are at peace with who you are. You are also a good judge of other people’s thoughts and feeling about you.

So, now we have a basic outline of what makes a person an introvert – and perhaps you have decided that these traits are pretty similar to your own personality – let’s take a look at some part time job ideas that could really suit you.

Part Time Jobs For Introverts

Part Time Creative Jobs For Introverts

Introverts are often careful workers who have a real passion for what they do. We have given you some ideas for part time creative jobs in the past. Not all of these would necessarily suit introverted you but some, where you can mainly work alone and exercise your creativity, would be ideal.

If you have computer skills, for example, working as a part time graphic designer could suit you. Some companies may offer training if you need to work on your skills. If you love to be behind the lens, how about part time photography work? You might want to work with people occasionally or you could photograph landscape and wildlife – just you, your camera and the great outdoors.

Part Time Horticulture And Gardening Jobs For Introverts

If you’ve got green fingers, what better way to spend some time doing a bit of part time gardening? The great thing about part time gardening jobs is you can go in at entry level and build your experience from there. If you want to get really creative, then you could do some horticulture or garden design qualifications and earn more money from your craft.

Part time gardening jobs can really suit introverts because you can work alone sometimes as well as working as part of a team. You could work locally, helping people maintain their own gardens, or you could work in large public gardens or conservation areas. If this sounds like your ideal job, click here to find out more details about part time gardening jobs.

Are You An Introvert Who Has A Way With Words?

Introverts often like to be alone with their own thoughts and ideas. Part time writing jobs can really suit if you have a way with words. You might want to be creative and let your imagination run free and write fiction.

Or you could do part time content writing jobs. Even if this is for a company that requires you to be office-based, these types of part time jobs can also give you the opportunity to work from home on occasion. You could write long form content for websites, you might be lucky enough to find part time writing jobs that centre around your other passions in life – fashion or gaming, for example – or you might be able to do roles where you look after the social media accounts for firms.

Part Time Driving Jobs

Introverts are often very careful in their work so part time driving jobs could be a good option because you are likely to be a safe and competent driver.

Coach driving, lorry driving and delivery driving could all be good part time jobs for introverts where you can concentrate on the open road. Bear in mind, for some coach driving jobs, you could be dealing with large groups of children or noisy sports fans. This is not a situation that would suit some introverted people.

Part time delivery driver jobs can be local or you might be driving all over the UK. This gives you long periods to work alone and time to recharge the batteries.

Part Time Research Jobs

Whether you are looking for entry level jobs or you haver specialist qualifications in a particular field, part time research jobs can be perfect for the introvert.

There are lots of types of research opportunities out there. It might be researching the internet for information about projects your firm is working on. Some part time research jobs might involve researching archives, spending long periods in libraries and other archive centres.

If you have expertise in a particular field, you could do mathematical research jobs for example or economic research. Of course, a very famous type of research job is scientific research or medical research. Introverts are often skilled in concentrating so part time research jobs can be a good match.

Part Time Administration Jobs

Yes, as an introvert, you are happy in your own company but that doesn’t go to mean that you want to be alone all of the time. You might love to be part of an office team but you still want to do a role where you can work alone sometimes.

Administration jobs can fit the bill. You love to organise things around the office so duties such as working methodically through piles of invoices and other paperwork and filing them correctly are going to really suit you. Writing, sending and replying to correspondence will suit your introvert personality, too.

Whereas an extrovert might find these particular office duties frustrating and boring, introverts often lap up these types of part time jobs. Other duties can be data entry tasks, too. If you are looking for entry level part time jobs in offices and you are wondering what the best type of role could be to suit your personality, administration roles might well fit the bill.

Part Time Accountant Jobs

Accountancy jobs can be good for introverts because you get a good mix of time alone to concentrate and also interaction with clients. If you have no accountancy qualifications, but you have previous experience of working with nıumbers, some companies may pay for your studies or exams or at least, give you time off to study.

As well as accountancy, for more entry level roles, you could look at part time bookkeeping jobs. Again, it is possible to do courses or get training from your workplace. If you are a graduate with qualifications in another subject, it is possible to do conversion courses in accountancy and this can help you to get a foot in the door for future part time accountancy work.

Part Time IT Jobs / Computer Programmer / Software Developer

Working in IT or computer programming can be perfect roles for introverts who have a technical or IT background.

If you have ever worked in an office or other workplace where there is IT support, you will no doubt know there are constant requests for assistance from other members of staff. You can arrange this so that staff can contact you remotely, if need be.

Some part time IT support jobs that could be ideal for introverts are the mobile ones. You might be working for a local authority or a private company that provides IT solutions and support to schools or small companies. This gives you the time to spend alone, driving between projects you are working on.

For other technical roles such as computer programming, software developing or games design, these roles are often just you and your computer. Part time roles like this also lend themselves well to working from home or at least working remotely so there’s no need to be in the office environment all the time. Perfect for introverts who need that space occasionally.

Interior Designer / Painter and Decorator

Have you got a passion for creating new spaces from old ones. If you want to get formal qualifications, part time interior design jobs can be ideal for introverts who have a love of property and an eye for colour. Introverts are often good listeners and a good judge of character.

This could help you in your work as an interior designer because you will have a good understanding of what your client is looking for from you. Once you have consulted with your client, you can have the time alone to come up with your design.

If you are looking for entry level part time jobs, working as a painter and decorator could suit you. You might be working for large construction companies on new housing estates or leisure facilities. Or you could work for a local company, maintaining the homes of people in the area. Painting and decorating gives you the opportunity to work alone as well as conversing with clients or fellow workers.

Chef / Cook / Menu Advisor

In a busy restaurant with a large kitchen, part time chef jobs or jobs for cooks might not be the best idea for introverts as you could be working in pressured situations requiring lots of shouting and communication between kitchen staff.

However, chef jobs in a smaller set up where you can be creative and build your own menu and work alone – or with an assistant – these types of part time roles could suit introverts. Other roles that could suit are working as a menu advisor. You would already need to have made a name for yourself for your knowledge of food and how different dishes compliment each other and then you can visit various establishöments and help them to build specialist custom menus.


Introverts are often good at research and investigating solutions to problems. If you also love the type of work where you can get your hands dirty then part time mechanic jobs could be an idea. Entry level jobs are often available where training will be given. The job of the mechanic is becoming more and more technical as vehicles use more advanced computer systems to make everything function. It is your job to find the problems and fix them when they arise.

Part Time Translation Jobs

In a previous article, we have given you lots of ideas for part time jobs where you can use your language skills. If you are bilingual or multilingual and you are also an introvert, doing translation work could be ideal for you.

Translation jobs come in all shapes and sizes. You might be doing office work where you are translating paperwork that has come in from other countries. But translation jobs can also open up many opportunities for working from home, too.

Whether you are reading text and translating it or you are listening to audio, translation can allow you to use your interpretive skills, too. Introverts are generally careful listeners and good at interpreting the meaning of what people are saying so this can make you a really effective translator.

Zoology / Zoo Jobs

Okay, so you’re an introvert and the idea of working with huge crowds of people all the time doesn’t really float your boat. But what about part time jobs where you can work with animals? If you love animals, working in zoos could be great for you. It might be hands on jobs, working as an assistant or you could work in research and conservation. Whichever to role, these are part time opportunities that can suit introverts.

In fact, there are so many part time job ideas for animal lovers out there that would really suit you if you are an introvert. Take a look at our article to find out more and you could soon be doing your dream part time job.

Equipment Installers / Repairers

If you have the relevant technical experience then part time work where you are installing or maintaining equipment can be good for introverts. This type of work is often a more mobile environment where you might be installing and maintaining equipment in people’s homes or in places of work.

Part Time Security Jobs

There are various types of part time security jobs out there. Some will suit you perfectly if you are an introvert whilst others might not suit, at all. For example, crowd security at football matches and other large events might not suit your personality. However, working as a night watchperson and making the odd patrol around factories or other premises that need to be guarded, could be ideal for you.

Which Part Time Job Idea Suits You?

So, are you an introvert and have you been thinking about the best part time jobs that would suit your personality and your needs? Above are just a few ideas that you could consider. Perhaps your skills lie elsewhere and you have thought of some other ideas whilst reading this article.

If you think you are ready to begin your part time job hunt take a look at some of the current vacancies on offer. You can browse by category or location and, if there’s nothing you can see immediately, you can also sign up to receive new opportunities straight to your inbox. If you see something you like, make sure you don’t miss out on the dream role. Read our tips for the best way to land that part time job.