Introduction To Part Time Outdoor Jobs With The National Trust

Outdoor part time jobs are varied and rewarding and many of you out there much prefer the idea of being at one with the elements rather than working indoors. In the past, we have given you a list of possible suggestions for roles you could do if you want to work outdoors and from that list, we have produced more detailed articles about the roles and the possibilities for future career progression if that is what you want to do. This article is all about National Trust jobs and careers; the opportunities that might be available to you if you want to work outdoors on a part time basis.

The National Trust is a charity that was founded back in 1895 as a way to protect Britain’s heritage and its open spaces. With over 20 million visitors each year visiting its many buildings, gardens and green spaces, the opportunities for outdoor work are numerous whether on a paid basis or on a volunteer basis. Part time National Trust jobs could be found in England, Wales and Northern Ireland whilst those of you based in Scotland could find work with National Trust for Scotland.

How Do I Become A Part Time Worker For The National Trust?

If you are interested in outdoor National Trust jobs on a part time basis such as seasonal work, then it could be easy to get a foot in the door. There are all sorts of roles that are possible with the National Trust whether you are looking for entry level work or roles that carry a bit more responsibility and require previous experience.

Apply to do National Trust Volunteer Jobs

One way to get your foot in the door is to apply to be a National Trust volunteer. Volunteer roles are great for those of you looking to build up some work experience or if you are looking to ease yourself back into the world of work after taking time out. Because it is a charity, the National Trust has thousands of volunteers who support the charity and lots of these people support it by working for them on a part time or seasonal basis.

Apply for seasonal jobs

Part time National Trust jobs don’t have to be volunteer work. You can also do paid work, too, and go on to build a career with the charity. You could start off by doing volunteer work or you can apply directly for part time vacancies.

Do National Trust Internships

If you are serious about a career with the National Trust in the future, then they also offer internships where you can gain valuable skills over a specific period of time and learn from experts in a given field.

Do family volunteer work for the National Trust

Part time work is often a good option for those of you with young families who need to be able to work flexible hours or be around for your children during school holidays. But what about dipping your feet back into the world of work by doing National Trust volunteer work AND taking your family with you? From one off events to seasonal summer work, there are lots of outdoor opportunities at National Trust spaces where the whole family can be involved. This means you don’t have to think of ways to entertain the kids throughout the summer holidays, they learn and have fun and you get to pick up some skills for the future.

What Are The Roles & Duties Of Staff Who Work Outdoors For The National Trust?

If you are looking for part time outdoor work, the great thing about the National Trust is that there is such a variety of roles to suit people who love to get stuck in there with hands on work. It could be physically demanding work, recording numbers or working directly with the public. Let’s take a look at some of the types of outdoor part time jobs you could do.

Footpath building and repair, fence building and repair, woodland management

If you love to be out there in the great outdoors, up in the Lakeland fells, for example or around other areas of countryside, part time outdoor work for the National Trust could see you building footpaths and maintaining them so that walkers and hikers can enjoy the area safely.

Fence building and repair could be on National Trust gardens, farms and other open spaces where boundaries are necessary for animals or crops, for example. Some outdoor work could also be building and repairing dry stone walls.

Woodland management can see you working as an assistant, cutting back trees and shrubs in forested areas.

Guided walks

Not all National Trust jobs involve you carrying and moving heavy stones and fences. Some outdoor part time jobs with the National Trust could see you working directly with visitors to National Trust gardens and other outdoor spaces. Sometimes, visitors like to book a guided walk so that they can get more information about the history of a garden or the nature and wildlife that has its habitat in a particular outdoor space. Some guided walks may involve you getting into character and wearing Victorian costumes, for example.

If you like the idea of part time outdoor guide jobs and would like further information about the roles and duties, click here to read our dedicated article about being a tour guide.

Beach clean ups

If you are keen to protect the environment and be involved in some conservation work, then the National Trust organises beach clean ups. Part time outdoor work, particularly on a volunteer basis, could see you doing beach clean ups so that the beach is safe for both visitors and wildlife. Plastic bottles, other litter and debris are the types of things you will be cleaning up as well as having fun with your other team members – or even your family, too.


If you’ve got green fingers or, indeed, have formal horticultural qualifications, then part time National Trust jobs could be working outdoors as a gardener. Assistant gardeners could be weeding, tidying up flower beds, doing basic pruning and also clearing garden pathways of debris.

As with the duties of the guide, if you are interesting in working outdoors doing part time gardening jobs, you can find out more information in our dedicated article.

Part of a ranger team, monitoring wildlife

The National Trust is also involved in other types of conservation work such as monitoring wildlife in different habitats. Outdoor, part time National Trust jobs could be working for the head ranger, as part of a ranger team, monitoring the behaviour of certain animals or counting them and recording numbers.

What Type Of Person Works For The National Trust?

So, now you have a rough idea of the types of part time outdoor jobs you could be doing with the National Trust, do you think you have got what it takes? Let’s now take a look at the type of people who are going to really benefit from working with the National Trust whether paid or on a voluntary basis.

People looking for a career change and a different way of life

Part time jobs are good for people looking to take their career in a new direction. They might use the job to gain new transferable skills, get some valuable experience or to earn some money whilst retraining and studying. Because many part time National Trust jobs are outdoors and in rural or coastal areas, they can provide opportunities for a different way of life, especially for those who have worked in built up areas in offices, for example.

People who care about nature and heritage

The National Trust is all about preserving the nature and heritage of the UK so if you have the same outlook on life then you will find outdoor part time jobs really rewarding.

People who want to work for an organisation that has a cause

If you are the sort of person who gets reward and satisfaction from knowing that your work has benefited the public and helped protect the nation’s heritage, then National Trust work is going to suit you

Getting involved in initiatives

National Trust part time jobs will see you working on a variety of initiatives which the trust devises to both protect and raise awareness of the importance of heritage and conservation.

People who have got a head for heights

If you are working in conservation or as a gardener, for example, then part time outdoor jobs jobs with the National Trust men you could be using ladders and specialised machinery to get you to those higher places. This could be for maintaining or repairing castles walls or cutting back trees.

People who are physically fit

Whilst not all roles are physically demanding, working outdoors for the National Trust could see you hiking fells and mountains to lay paths or maintain fencing. Gardening jobs can involve moving and carrying heavy goods such as paving stones, gravel and soil. Beach clean ups mean you will be walking along sandy or pebbled areas for a period of time, picking up rubbish and carrying it to collection points.

People who like working in all types of weather

Well, if you want to do part time outdoor work, the weather is always going to be a factor, isn’t it. If you are the sort of person who loves to get stuck in and doesn’t mind getting a bit damp and muddy on occasion, then you will get reward from lots of types of part time National Trust jobs.

People who want to work in interesting places

Just think of all those great outdoor spaces you could spend time in, working for the National Trust. You’ll never be bored, that’s for sure. You can see in detail below, the types of places you could find yourself working or volunteering in.

People who like to make new friends and work as part of a team

Whether it’s a one off event or regular part time work, National Trust work will see you working with a team of like-minded people who are all working for the same end. On top of that, you are probably going to make some great new friends, too.

People who want to work with the general public

The National Trust land and properties are there for the general public to enjoy and make use of so whatever role you are working in, part time outdoor jobs will me you inevitably spend time with the general public. This could be as part of your job doing guided walks for example, or it could be indirectly, answering random questions for curious visitors.

Where Do National Trust Staff Work?

Part time outdoor National Trust jobs can see you working in a whole variety of interesting places whether that’s voluntary work or paid work. Here are some of the places you could find yourself working:

  • Green spaces such as national parks and farms – The National Trust owns land in areas of exceptional natural beauty such as the Lake District, including farmland and land or homes previously owned by historically famous people. Part time outdoor work could be in places like this.
  • Gardens – The National Trust has many stately homes and castles under its care and you could be working in the ornamental gardens or grounds of these places, both creating and maintaining the outdoor spaces.
  • Coastline – Conservation, repair, beach clean ups; if you like to be beside the seaside, try part time outdoor jobs with the National Trust.
  • Islands – Did you know the National Trust owns islands? Inhabited and uninhabited, you could be working the land surrounded by bodies of water.
  • Campsites – The National Trust owns campsites around the UK and you could do part time outdoor work on one of these, helping with cleaning, maintenance and other duties. If you are particularly interested in outdoor part time jobs on caravan and campsites, be sure to check out our dedicated article on this type of work.
  • Hotel and catering – The National Trust also have a hotel chain and a catering business and although jobs here might not necessarily be outdoor jobs, you could find yourself working outdoors in summer in beer gardens or outdoor events such as summer weddings.

What Are The Entry Requirements And Opportunities For Future Progression If I Work Outdoors For The National Trust?

We’re always keen on this site to stress the value of part time jobs. People want to work part time for many reasons and outdoor part time work with the National Trust can be very rewarding. You might just want to do some one off events as a volunteer every so often just to get out and meet people whilst doing some good for the environment. Some of this type of work is entry level work and requires your enthusiasm. Other roles may be looking to tap into your skills from previous work experience.

Or you might do regular part time volunteer work or an internship so that you can gain some practical work experience in a particular field for your future career elsewhere. You might also use part time outdoor work with the National Trust as a stepping stone to develop a full time career with the trust. This could be in roles such as countryside management or head gardener, for example. Because the National Trust is such a large organisation, they offer various types of training to suit individual needs.

If you are interested in working outdoors on a part time basis, or you are just looking for any type of part time work, take a look at what’s on offer at the moment and you could soon be earning some extra income as well as picking up valuable skills in the workplace.