If you are reading this article, it could be because you are a visitor to the United Kingdom from overseas. Perhaps you have come to the United Kingdom with thoughts of settling here on a more permanent basis, maybe you are a university student from overseas and you are just here on a temporary basis for a year or so, or maybe you are travelling on a long term basis and are wanting to spend some time on British soil. There are many reasons why people from other countries come to the UK and if you are one of those people, the chances are, you might want to do part time work whilst you are here.

Working in the UK, whether on a full time or a part time basis, has long been of interest to many overseas visitors from countries all over the world. The UK is famous for its diversity and multicultural society, and this can make it an exciting place both to live and to work. With a diverse economy, this is another factor which can make the United Kingdom an attractive option for people from other countries who would like to work overseas. For example, at least five major cities in the UK are international financial centres, there are a lot of interesting opportunities here for the overseas visitor.

What Types Of Part Time Jobs Could Overseas Visitors Do In The UK?

Depending on your reasons for being in the United Kingdom, and depending on your previous work experience and qualifications, as an overseas visitor, there is a whole range of part time opportunities that could suit your needs. Perhaps you have some specialist skills that you could contribute to a company or maybe you are just looking for some casual work to help you earn a bit of extra cash whilst you are in the UK.

Part Time Temp Jobs

Lots of people from overseas like to do part time temp jobs in the UK because of the flexibility this offers. For example, the job might just be for a few weeks, in a field that you have a specialism in or it could be entry level jobs, too. If you are in the UK to travel, temping jobs can give you the extra cash you need whilst also giving you the flexibility to move around as and when you want to. They also have the advantage that if you don’t like that particular part time temp job, well, you only need to stick it out for a few weeks or months before you can move on.

Seasonal Jobs

Seasonal work is a popular one for foreign visitors looking to work overseas. Certain types of seasonal jobs can be especially popular with younger people such as students and travellers. Here are just a few examples of the types of part time seasonal work you could do as an overseas visitor in the United Kingdom:

  • Fruit Picking & Vegetable Harvests – The UK, especially in the south of England, has many fruit orchards and their owners often need casual staff to pick the fruit. Summer jobs like this could be just what you are looking for and, as well as having the experience of living on the job, you can return to your studies or your travels afterwards.
  • Hotel Jobs – Other seasonal jobs can be working summer seasons in hotels. Workers from overseas are often attracted to hotel jobs because, especially in the bigger hotels, accommodation is often provided, too. This gives you the chance to experience life abroad without having to worry about where you are going to be sleeping at night and, of course, you are earning money, too. There are many types of roles in hotels that could suit those of you who are looking for entry level jobs because of a lack of previous training or experience.
  • Christmas Jobs – Christmas is a very busy period in the United Kingdom, particularly for retail stores. People buy extra foods, they buy Christmas gifts, they decorate their homes in time for Christmas and they buy clothes for Christmas parties and family get togethers. All of this requires extra staff and many companies recruit seasonal staff just for the Christmas period. Look out for part time supermarket jobs, fashion retail jobs and warehouse and distribution jobs. Of course, there could be lots of other seasonal Christmas jobs, too, such as events jobs, described below.
  • Events Jobs – Overseas visitors might also be able to find part time temporary events jobs across the whole of the United Kingdom. This type of work can be ideal for both students and travellers who need to be able to work flexible hours. Anything from bar jobs to catering, to tent rigging, to crowd control. Events jobs can last for a few weeks at a time or it could be just case of working two or three days at a time at weddings, Christmas parties and shows, music festivals or sports events, for example. This is great for travellers who want to move on to their next stop off after a short while.
  • Specialised Jobs – Not all overseas visitors to the United Kingdom look for temporary or part time entry level jobs. Perhaps you already have experience in a more specialised area such as finance, IT, a background in education or a medical background for example and you would like part time work in this field whilst you are in the United Kingdom.

Whether it’s temping jobs, regular hours, seasonal work or events jobs, UK Part Time Jobs advertises all types of part time work in places all over the United Kingdom in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Wherever you are currently based, there could be something to suit you so take a look to see what’s on offer.  

What Are The Advantages Of Part Time Jobs For Overseas Visitors?

The advantages of part time work for overseas visitors are many, especially if you are a student or you are travelling.

Work Flexible Hours

Part time casual work gives you the flexibility you need to study or visit the places you came to the United Kingdom to see. Apart from making the most of all the sights and sounds the UK has to offer its visitors, it is also perfectly situated for visiting Ireland and the rest of mainland Europe. A short flight, ferry or train ride will take you to the continent in no time at all. Planning your trips in advance means you can make the most of cheap travel fares and either do various European city breaks or more extended travel around the UK and the continent. You can always apply for more part time work with flexible hours on your return or, if it’s just a short break, return to your current role.

Earn Extra Cash

Of course, one of your main reasons for looking for part time jobs in the UK is so you can earn some extra cash to fund studies, travel, lifestyle or just general day to day costs. For travellers, part time work will give you that extra pocket money to explore all the places that are on your UK and Europe bucket list.

Learn New Skills

But part time jobs are not all just about replenishing bank accounts to fund your lifestyle. As an overseas visitor to the UK, there are lots of other benefits of part time work. Working in a part time capacity in the UK will allow you to learn many new skills that you can

take with you to future jobs and further your career. Transferable skills such as working as part of a team, working under your own initiative, communicating with colleagues at all levels, working under pressure, leadership skills – all of these skills can be developed and taken with you elsewhere to boost your chances of getting jobs and careers elsewhere.

As well as transferable skills, depending on the type of work you are doing, you could also build up more practical skills that you either learn on the job or through training. This could be updates to your IT skills for example or, if you are doing part time casual work, it might be more manual skills such as learning how to use specialist equipment safely.

Learn New Work Culture

If you have never had part time work or other jobs, before, then you will learn about work culture whilst you are in employment. As a visitor from overseas, having little or no previous work experience could work out as an advantage for you in this regard because you will have no ‘programming’ of how you think things ought to be.

If you have worked in your home country previously, you could well find that when you take on part time jıbs in the United Kingdom, the work culture could be completely different and you could find you have a lot to learn. For example, time-keeping might be completely different, how you address your boss and your colleagues in the workplace could be a whole new world for you and what you wear to work – whether more formal or casual – can seem very strange.

As a worker from overseas you can view this as a fun challenge and it will certainly be valuable experience to take away with you when you are applying for future jobs and careers.

Make New Friends And Meet New People

Workmates can become good friends and whatever type of part time work you do, you will inevitably come into contact with new people who could, over time, become good friends. Depending on your part time job, you might even meet people from your home country, you could meet people from various parts of the world and, of course, you could make lots of British friends, too.

Meeting new people means you can create a whole new social circle for yourself that you might not have been able to do otherwise. If you’re a student, this can give you a valuable bit of time out from study and university or college friends. If you’re a traveller and you are doing events jobs for example, you could even meet new travel buddies to go off elsewhere with.

If you are in the United Kingdom for an extended stay and are coming here alone, getting yourself a part time job can also be a great way to meet new people in what might be unfamiliar surroundings – it can help you to stop feeling lonely or homesick and your new found workmates can also help you get your bearings; telling you where the best places are to shop and eat or drink, for example.

Improve Your English

If English is not your first language and you are not very confident with it, where better to improve it than the workplace doing a part time job? As you speak with colleagues and superiors on a daily basis, you will be fluent in no time and, depending on the job you are doing, you could learn a lot of ‘business English’ or specialised English words that related to the job you are doing.

On a social level, as you meet new workmates and make new friends, you will also improve your social English and no doubt familiarise yourself with some of the UK’s many accents.

Can I Just Apply For Any Part Time Position?

If you are from overseas and are hoping to work in the UK either on a full time basis or a part time basis, you need to make plans before you enter the country. There is no point in dreaming of that perfect part time job and then arriving on British soil, only to find that you are not eligible to work in the UK legally without the relevant paperwork in place.

If you want to take on any type of work in the UK, part time or full time, make sure you check out the UK visa and immigration requirements for a citizen of your country and make sure you have all the necessary paperwork to be able to work legally.

Who Doesn’t Need A Work Permit To Work Legally In The UK?

There are a few categories of people who can work legally in the UK without a work permit. If you are a national of one of the EU member states, for example, then you can work in the UK without a work permit. However, you should still check with your relevant embassy as some nationalities will still require some additional paperwork. If you are the spouse of an EU national who is already living and working in the UK, then you can also work legally there, too.

Whatever your status and whatever your nationality, the United Kingdom has a range of visa and immigration options – some situations where a work permit is required and others where you could be exempt. Check everything out with your embassy before you travel and you can also take a look at the UK Visas and Immigration website for explanations regarding the visa types.

I’ve Already Got The Paperwork In Place. What Do I Do Next?

If you arranged your necessary paperwork before entering the UK then waste no time in getting yourself a part time job. There are many websites, including UK Part Time Jobs that advertise part time vacancies that could be suitable for overseas workers. Part time posts that tend to come up most are bar and restaurant work, driving jobs, temporary part time work in offices and seasonal posts but, as we said above, if you have a particular specialism and want to continue working in this field, you could also apply for these types of roles.

If you would like to work in a part time capacity in a post that’s geared towards your

qualifications or specialisms then you could think about starting your search online before you enter the UK. If a company is interested in employing you then they may be able to help you obtain your necessary paperwork or even help you with travel costs.

If you manage to shine in your interview for your part time job and you are awarded the position as a result, as well as surviving your first day at work, make sure you are aware of your rights in the workplace. Once you get a part time post, you are entitled to all the same rights as other workers in the company under British employment law. For example, you are entitled to receive at least the National Minimum Wage, paid holidays and sick leave. A vast majority of employers in the UK will also require you to have a bank account into which they can pay your wages so it might be worth setting up a bank account before you begin your search.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your search for a UK part time post right now and you could soon be immersed in the British work culture, earning money, improving your English and making new friends, all in one go. You can look for job vacancies by area or by category so that you can narrow down your search. And good luck.